Is a 2-in-1 laptop as good as a tablet?

LAPTOPS are all very well for working on the move, but for casual surfing at home they’re big and heavy, they take too long to boot up and the battery has a habit of dying half way through the evening.

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Pam Ferris, David Jason, Catherine Zeta Jones and Philip Franks in YTV's Darling Buds of May

50 years of hits from a TV station that really caught fire

IT WAS the first building in Europe designed specifically for colour television. The problem, recalled one of its earliest occupants last night, was that hardly anyone knew how it worked.

David Behrens: Royal Mail should tackle ID theft, not shift blame to customers

David Behrens: Royal Mail should tackle ID theft, not shift blame to customers

The advertising watchdog stamped on the postal service this week after Royal Mail broadcast a commercial in the middle of Coronation Street in which a violent bank robbery was simulated to illustrate the dangers of identity theft.

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Robert Ogden, a co-director  at Ogden's Jewellers in Harrogate , looking at  documents  from the Imperial War Graves Commission from  the archives  at Ogden's Jewellers.

Letters from the front, by a tank commander of 19

HE was just 19 but already a tank commander.

John Logie Baird

How they watched TV in Leeds, nine years before it was invented

PRESCIENCE doesn’t begin to describe the mood of the gathering in a lecture room at Leeds University exactly 90 years ago.

Keith Barron, who has died aged 83 after a short illness

Keith Barron, star who went from coal mines to the Costas

TO a generation of viewers, he was the languid and slightly louche lounge lizard in a Spanish hotel, wine glass in one hand and a woman in the other.

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Ponies have moved on to the Foxglove Covert Nature Reserve inside Catterick Garrison. Picture by Simon Hulme

Tank track goes back to nature in army’s pony club

It is an odd little oasis in what otherwise would be a field of combat. Where once the caterpillar tracks of the army’s Chieftain tanks churned up the soil, a pair of Exmoor ponies now graze contentedly.


Before deciding anything, ask ‘What would Paddington do?’

HIS manners were impeccable and he managed to make his way to London from Peru with just a duffel coat and suitcase, so he might, despite his ursine lineage, be a decent role model for the rest of us, it was suggested yesterday.

Just a handful of affordable homes could save rural communities, a report says

Just a handful of houses ‘could save villages’

Building just a few affordable homes for young families in rural areas could halt the cycle of decline in Yorkshire’s most isolated villages, according to a new study.

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The Fossil Q range of hybrid watches have conventional analogue faces but can track your fitness and pair with your phone

Hybrid - the new type of watch that’s smarter than it looks

IT WAS supposed to be the next big thing of 2017, but time is running out if the smartwatch is to make an impression.

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David Behrens: If only there was a vaccine against pointless waste in the NHS

David Behrens: If only there was a vaccine against pointless waste in the NHS

I still can’t have a flu jab without thinking of the old Morecambe and Wise routine.

The Shakespeare project in York was launched this week.

'Is this a council that I see before me, not blocking a bold idea?'

Big steps forward take big ideas and sometimes, risks. That’s why we see so few of them in public life.

Pholio is a hard disk photo album that sits on your bookcase

Pholio - The photo album on your bookshelf that’s really a hard disk

THE move from paper to digital photography has seen many of us reclaim space on our bookshelves that would otherwise have been occupied by albums. Meanwhile, the market for those sticky photo corners that held the pictures in place on the page has fallen through the floor.

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Roseberry Topping in the North York Moors. Picture: Joe Cornish

Taken on trust as park targets new financing

ITS 554 square miles include one of Britain’s largest expanses of heather, and within the deep dales that intersect its moorland plateau nestle some of the country’s most spectacular locations.

Doreen Kerfoot works at a loom

You’ve won first prize - a date with Stalin

IT WAS the sort of impossibly glamorous prize to which a self-respecting working woman of the 1930s could hardly say no - a trip to Russia and a date with Stalin.


‘Frying pan to fire’ warning as Northern Rail replaces hated tickets policy with £20 fines

Northern Rail has bowed to pressure and abandoned its controversial practice of handing passengers “telling off” notices when they queue to buy tickets after getting off their trains.

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A peregrine falcon at Malham Cove. Picture: Brian Needham

Yorkshire’s ‘appalling’ record of cruelty to birds of prey

North Yorkshire emerges today as by far the worst county in Britain for the illegal persecution of protected birds of prey, with at least one species said to have stopped breeding in the area.

Henry Moore with Reclining Figure and Mask. Picture: Henry Moore Foundation Archive

On show after 100 years: The roll of honour carved by Henry Moore for his old school pals

It was the war they said would be over by Christmas, but the inscription carved by Henry Moore at the foot of Castleford Secondary School’s roll of honour tells its own story.


Sun of York makes glorious summer as Shakespeare ‘pop-up’ tickets go on sale

Today it is an unlovely council car park. Next year it will be, as Shakespeare put it, “made glorious summer by this sun of York”.

The �999 Apple iPhone X has a glass front and back

Apple’s iPhone X faces up to its rivals

Announced last month but on sale, finally, this week, Apple’s iPhone X confounds expectations on several levels.

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