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Jayne Dowle: Why I feel London’s pain and fear for all our futures despite the Queen’s reassuring leadership

I LIVED in London for 14 years. I still visit the capital, and skirt its sprawling outskirts to see family in Kent and Surrey. I remember the sheer energy of the
West End and the beauty of the River Thames and exactly where to stand on the Tube.

A graduation ceremony at the University of York.

Jayne Dowle: Listen to lost generation in ‘them and us’ Britain

WILL someone please listen to Alan Milburn? The former Labour minister has produced yet another report for his Social Mobility Commission. It finds that young people are deeply pessimistic about their chances of getting on in Britain’s “them and us” society.

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Michael Gove is a surprising choice as Environment Secretary.

Jayne Dowle: Pastures new for Michael Gove... can he be a breath of fresh air?

I’M sure that Michael Gove is delighted to be back at the
heart of the Government. However, his appointment as Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs might appear something of an odd choice.

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Is Theresa May heartless?

Jayne Dowle: Theresa May’s big failing was appearing not to care at all

I’LL give you a clue. It’s a four-letter word. It begins with ‘c’. And it is the key to everything about this General Election and the bitter aftermath.

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Every vote cast today will honour the victims of the Manchester and London terror attacks.

Jayne Dowle: Your vote is vital in these troubled times

THE simple act of putting your cross in a box today might seem an inadequate response to the despicable acts of terror in Manchester and London. Yet this democratic right, available to more or less every person over the age of 18, is just the kind of freedom those who attack us would take away.

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Some people feel there is little sign in Barnsley that an election is taking place. (Scott Merrylees).

Jayne Dowle: Election seems to be happening elsewhere

DAYS away from a General Election which will decide not just the fate of our country, but its place in the world, you could be forgiven for thinking that nothing was happening at all in my small corner of Yorkshire.

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Official figures published last October showed that nearly a third of teachers who began work in Englands state schools in 2010 were not in the classroom five years later.

Jayne Dowle: They must learn how to find the right teachers

Every so often I get the urge. It can be spurred by a chance conversation with my children. Or a persuasive advertisement on the television. Anything, really, that sets me thinking about returning to the classroom as a teacher.

What can be done to tackle congestion?

Jayne Dowle: Yorkshire’s roads to nowhere as a simple journey becomes our ‘mission impossible’

I HOPE you’re not reading this stuck in Bank Holiday traffic. You have my sympathy if so. Last Thursday, I set off to drive the 12 miles from our house in Barnsley to Sheffield with my partner, Simon, a builder.

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People attend a peace vigil in Trafalgar Square following the Manchester suicide bombing.

Jayne Dowle: We cannot despair in facing every parent’s nightmare

A PARENT’S job is to protect and reassure. How might we do this when a suicide bomber can enter the foyer of a concert arena and kill more than 20 people, including children and teenagers, while injuring and traumatising many, many more?

What is ebing done to stop the scourge of litter and flytipping?

Jayne Dowle: Enforce the litter laws everywhere, not just in towns

HERE’S a question for local councils. How is it that I can be pounced on by an enforcement officer in a town centre and fined £75 for dropping a sweet wrapper, but not be caught if I drive into the countryside and deposit three overflowing bags of litter by the side of the road?

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Jayne Dowle: Yes your vote does count, so make sure you register. This is not a party political broadcast

Jayne Dowle: Yes your vote does count, so make sure you register. This is not a party political broadcast

IF you don’t do it for your country, do it for your credit record. Registering to vote sounds about as exciting as a Saturday afternoon spent filing your bank statements.

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Children are in danger of becoming addicted to iPads and other electronic gadgets, says Jayne Dowle.

Jayne Dowle: Hi-tech toddlers born into world of iPad isolation

I WAS browsing the local “Items for Sale” pages on my Facebook the other day. There are some weird and wonderful things available on there, but this one really took my eye. A pushchair for sale, complete with an integral iPad stand.

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Labour candidate Stephanie Peacock could become the first woman to represent Barnsley East in Parliament. (Picture: Delcan Downes).

Jayne Dowle: At last there is a chance to do politics differently

Modern politics is not a friendly place. It’s a cut-throat world where decisions which seem to defy logic are made on our behalf and reputations are ruined through the anonymous means of social media. It is easy to forget that there are actual people involved.

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Britains first astronaut, Helen Sharman, pictured at the Science Museum with the space suit that she wore for her mission 25 years previously. (PA).

Jayne Dowle: Why we’re failing to help pupils reach for the stars

My son has a friend. Let’s call her Kate. She is 15 and she wants to be an astronaut. OK, you might say. Thousands of kids dream of becoming an astronaut.

Is Nick Clegg a lion resurgent, as Jayne Dowle argues?

Jayne Dowle: Flawed politician could be the saviour of democracy

AS experienced Labour MPs consider their positions, and some notable names step down, Nick Clegg, former leader of the Liberal Democrats, is a lion resurgent. Who would have thought it?

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Former Labour leader Ed Miliband pictured in Barnsley town centre celebrating the victory of MP Dan Jarvis in the Barnsley Central by-election in 2011. (PA).

Jayne Dowle: Thinking the unthinkable in Yorkshire ahead of unprecedented election

This will be a General Election like no other. In my home town of Barnsley, we have three Labour MPs; Dan Jarvis in the Central ward, Angela Smith to the rural west, and Michael Dugher in my own constituency of Barnsley East.

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Loneliness afflicts people of all ages.

Jayne Dowle: Young and lonely, who does care for those left alone?

SPARE a thought for the children this Easter – and I don’t mean buy yet another chocolate egg and hope it will keep them quiet.

File photo of a Scout, as tens of thousands of young people are being forced to wait to join the Scouts, due to a lack of volunteers.

Jayne Dowle: Scouting around in the ruins of the ‘Big Society’

IT’S headline news. Record numbers of young people are on the waiting list to join the Scouts. More than 50,000 boys and girls are ready and eager to learn how to tie complicated knots and embark on camping adventures, but there simply aren’t enough volunteer leaders coming forward.

Ignorance towards foreign languages is a national disgrace, says Jayne Dowle.

Jayne Dowle: Don’t rely on an airport to mind our languages

IT is a great irony that the more we travel, the less inclined we are to speak any kind of foreign language. The situation has become so dire that Heathrow Airport has now taken matters into its own hands.

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Education Secretary Justine Greening is at the centre of a new row over schools funding.

Jayne Dowle: Minister fails to learn from her Yorkshire education

I’VE got a conundrum for the Secretary of State for Education. Our local council in Barnsley says that a new secondary school will be required for the town centre in the next few years.

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