Trump and Brexit offer investment opportunities

THE RISE of political uncertainty globally has been largely attributed to inequality. Several countries have been transformed by populism in the last 12 months. Whether it is in the US with the meteoric rise of outsiders such as Donald Trump, or the UK with the Brexit vote, a new political order is taking root.

frustration: Long queues of people waiting for buses in London following this weeks uses Tube strike. (PA).

Uk strikes and why we aren’t seeing a repeat of the ‘Winter of discontent’

The recent spate of strikes has raised fears that we are seeing a return to the bad old days of widespread industrial unrest. But is this really the case? Chris Bond reports.

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Huge rise in job vacancies in Hull

Huge rise in job vacancies in Hull

It's already the Capital of Culture - and now Hull has been named as a mecca for jobseekers too.

Victoria Beckham, who received an OBE in the New Year honours.

Tom Richmond: This knighthood without honour shames the system

THREE words explain why the honours system is now morally bankrupt – Sir Mark Lowcock.

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New 1 coin

Five things you need to know about the new £1 coin

The Royal Mint is preparing to launch a new £1 coin, set to enter circulation in early 2017.

International Development Secretary Priti Patel.

YP Letters: Stop sending British money to foreigners

From: Chris Gallacher, Chairman, Ukip Redcar.

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Should shops remain shut on Boxing Day?

Jayne Dowle: Forget the sales and just enjoy a Boxing Day rest

I CAN think of nothing worse than going shopping today. After all the preparation, all the presents and the bank-balance-checking paranoia on Christmas Eve, the very last thing I want to do is spend any more money on Boxing Day.

Last minute Christmas shoopers should be more aware about the prevalence of modern slavery.

Cristina Talens: Scourge of slavery can sprout up at the dining table

COME Christmas Day, many of us will enjoy a turkey dinner with all the trimmings and not give a second thought to just what went into bringing it to our tables in the first place.

Marcus Stuttard, head of UK Primary Markets and AIM, London Stock Exchange, said there are thousands of inspiring fast growing companies in Yorkshire and across the country

Business casts its wish list for 2017

2016, what a year! For some a great year for change, for others a year they want to put behind them.

Travellers stranded by rail strikes.

YP Letters: Unions will target our trains to keep their jobs following Southern Rail fiasco

From: Andrew Suter, Station Road, Ampleforth, York.

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The runway at St Helena subject to controversy after receiving �285m of UK aid.

Bill Carmichael: Time to put UK social care before overseas aid

“BUT we have no money,” is the familiar cry from politicians whenever they are faced with demands from voters for more public spending.

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Juliette Healey  Picture by Simon Hulme

Economy has proved resilient but there’s no room for complacency, says Bank’s regional agent

When the financial system fails we all suffer the consequences.

People are being urged to check their new fivers

How Jane Austen is making £5 notes worth £50,000

People are being urged to check their new fivers after engraved bank notes worth as much as £50,000 were circulated in a Willie Wonka-style ‘Golden Ticket’ giveaway.

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What trade deals will Britain be able to strike with the USA under a Donald Trump presidency?

Tim Coles: How Brexit handed power to global elite

TWO major earthquakes have rocked the world of politics. One is the election of Donald Trump, billed as the anti-establishment outsider. The other is Brexit, portrayed as the triumph of hard-working, low-paid people over the greedy globalist establishment. Both events signal a new era centred around putting national interests first. Right?

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Michael Hayman believes the political process underpinning Brexit remains foggy, and the business picture is in equal need of clarity

UK must be bold and grasp future opportunities post Brexit

“Fog in Channel: Continent cut off” - a much parodied, probably apocryphal newspaper headline that has come to symbolise Britain’s ever-uneasy relationship with the EU. Yet in June, the joke became a prophecy, leaving many in the UK peering into an uncertain economic future.
When will energy suppliers stop overcharging customers?

Caroline Flint: As winter bills bite, why Theresa May must take on the Big Six energy giants

SOME THINGS are to be expected during Britain’s winter weather. Darker nights, storm warnings, freezing fog, trains delayed, gas and electricity bills going up. Another British winter on the way.

Debt is still a major issue in the UK.

Fewer payday loan customers hit by extra charges after clampdown

The proportion of payday loan customers being hit with extra charges on their debt has fallen since a clampdown was launched, research commissioned by members of the industry suggests.

Bank of England governor Mark Carney  Photo: Dylan Martinez/PA Wire

Carney wants Brexit transition period for UK firms, says report

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney wants British businesses to retain access to the European Union’s single market for two years after the country leaves the bloc, according to the Sunday Times.

After Britain leaves the EU, the Government can create Free Ports across the North. (PA).

Rishi Sunak: Free Ports could help restore UK’s trading spirit

When in 1770, after a perilous two year journey around Cape Horn, a small ship became the first European vessel in history to drop anchor on the Australian continent its captain was, naturally, a Yorkshireman.

Director-general of the CBI, Carolyn Fairbairn, said Leeds is attracting tech talent from London

Leeds a role model for cities to follow

LEEDS HAS been identified as a key city to lead the charge for the regions and unlock growth outside of London, business leaders were told at the CBI conference in London.

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