On The Spot With Mike Howes

Mike Howes
Mike Howes
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Mike Howes is commercial director at UsefulStudents.com, based in Harrogate

What was your first job?

Picking lettuce on a farm in Yorkshire.

If you weren’t in your current position, what would you be doing?

If I couldn’t work for myself I have no idea what I would do but I would quite like to run a vineyard in Argentina.

What would be your ideal day away from the office?

Something outdoors on the West coast of Scotland in good weather.

Name one person who you would like to have dinner with, and why?

Entrepreneur Richard Branson. I do find him fascinating.

What were your best subjects at school?

English literature and history.

What are your hobbies?

I am very interested in wine, as I also run a wine company called FindWine.co.uk so it is a bit of a hobby and a job.

What is your favourite garment?

I pretty much live in a pair of diesel jeans.

What would you do if you won the Lotto?

Depending how much I won I would buy myself an estate in Scotland and then would keep some to live off and use the rest to start or invest in other companies.

What is your top time-saving tip?

Keep emails as brief as possible.

What would your epitaph be?

I know it is a rip-off but I have always loved “I told you I was ill”.