Living the Dream: Slot on the airwaves gives us pause for thought

Things aren’t always what they seem around here. The other day I decided whilst out with the dogs to take them around our top field for a change and in doing so I noticed something I hadn’t seen before.

Glaucous gulls have been sighted at Scarborough and in other coastal locations after recent storms.  Picture: Dave Mansell

Birdwatch: Distinctive gulls on the coast in the wake of tidal surge

Seawatchers have been on the lookout for rare gulls in the aftermath of last weekend’s gales and tidal surge.

A deer herd at Studley Royal in North Yorkshire, with red, fallow and sika deer.  Picture: Gary Longbottom

Wolds Diary: Unexpected natural beauties are a special treat in the woods

It has certainly been a better week. This year looks as if it will be fun.

Sheepdog training clinics to address decline of societies

Sheepdog training clinics to address decline of societies

A North Yorkshire farmer has launched new sheepdog handler training sessions in a bid to address a startling decline in members of sheepdog societies across the region.

Serious flood damage meant the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution was busy helping victims in the North. Picture: PA

Working farm families in need of grant funds soars by 67 per cent

Farming families in North Yorkshire were given the most financial help in England to recover from crippling hardship in the last 12 months, according to new figures from the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (R.A.B.I).

Gill Hodgson at Field House farm, Everingham, with a seasonal sheaf.  Picture: Gary Longbottom

Farm of the Week: Petals complement traditional farming at foot of the Wolds

Carrots, cattle and cornflowers are just three elements that make up what goes on at the 200-acre Field House Farm in Everingham at the foot of the Yorkshire Wolds.

Richmond MP Rishi Sunak

Brussels sprouts: Yorkshire MP hails Brexit as end of the ‘vegetable police’

Brexit will spell the end of the Brussels “vegetable police” meddling in British agriculture, according to a Tory MP.

Environment 7
Snowdrops are starting to be seen across the region. Picture: Chris Lawton.

Country & Coast: Innocent awakenings offer the first signs of spring

I saw snowdrops blooming in Wensleydale while people were still merrily wishing each other ‘Happy New Year’, yet a couple of weeks later they obstinately continue to be just green shoots in my West Yorkshire garden.

A crop of oilseed rape.  Picture: James Hardisty.

Insecticide ban costs more than farmers’ profits, study finds

Calls for a careful assessment of the impact of the EU’s ban on neonicotinoid insecticides are being made in the light of new research which claims the restriction is having major, global environmental and economic consequences.

Christine Ryder who is hosting the farm breakfasts at her home, Scaife Hall Farm in Blubberhouses later this month.  Picture: Simon Hulme

Farmhouse breakfasts support rural housing charity

The Deputy Mayor of Harrogate and a team of cooks are preparing to host breakfast for more than 100 people at her farmhouse in order to raise money for charity.

News 1
Pigs enjoy the Porkichew.  Pictures: Tony Johnson

East Yorkshire designers help transform pig welfare

Creating a healthy environment for livestock isn’t all about legislature and having to comply with rules. It is animal husbandry at its best and works in the interests of farmers and animals. Less stress generally equals tenderness rather than toughness on the plate and during the animal lifetime it brings a happier pig, calf or lamb.

A suspected case of bird flu has been identified in Lincolnshire. (Library picture)

Another bird flu outbreak in Lincolnshire, weeks after Yorkshire incident

BIRD FLU has been confirmed in a flock of about 6,000 turkeys at a farm in Lincolnshire, weeks after a similar outbreak in the Yorkshire Dales.

David Hartley, managing director of Wensleydale Creamery, which is looking to recruit new farmer suppliers.  Picture: Daniel Oxtoby

Iconic Dales cheesemakers seeks new farmer suppliers

There was light for dairy farmers at the end of two years of low returns in the closing months of 2016 as European milk production began to drop and prices slowly grew from a low base that has forced the worst affected British farmers to quit the troubled sector.

Ashley Marshall examines a young limousin calf.   Picture: James Hardisty

Disease prevention to the fore for new generation of farm vets

James Herriot’s Yorkshire legacy will never die. That’s the affectionate view of Ashley Marshall, the young lady who heads up West Point Farm Vets’ practice based in York Auction Centre working alongside two other large animal vets, but she sees today’s Yorkshire farmers as far more in tune with what needs to happen animal welfare-wise.


Comment: Scholar keen to learn lessons in pigs

Hugh Shedden is a pig farmer from Easingwold near York and has been chosen as the Yorkshire Agricultural Society’s Nuffield Scholar for 2017 which will enable him to look at pig production in other countries as well as closer to home. His interest is precision technology and its potential impact on UK pig farming.

There was no chance of getting to sleep with the New Year fireworks.  Picture: Tim Richardson

Wolds Diary: Frustrating run of bad luck leaves me all but housebound

I think I must be getting old, and boring. I declined to see the new year in and decided to head for bed at a reasonable hour so I could be up bright and early the next day.

Stewart Calligan on Hornsea beach, the scene of his first beach fishing outing of the year.

Sea fishing: Hull’s fishing heritage deserves a musical

If New York has its West Side Story, London has Oliver and Paris has Les Mis then surely Hull, the City of Culture 2017 can have a musical, obviously based on fish and what better name than Captain Cod?

Living the Dream: Running back on the agenda now we are settled

Living the Dream: Running back on the agenda now we are settled

I have a quick update for you on Mac the ram and his recent flit into the Llama enclosure. They are all getting on really well, but the recent conundrum is how to stop him jumping up and knocking their feeders off the fence, so that he can get seconds at dinner time. I think I will have to separate him for meal times or just attach the feeders to the fence more securely.

Mark Grimshaw, the chief executive of the Rural Payments Agency, will be questioned by the EFRA committee over the performance of 2016 subsidy payments to farmers.

Evidence sought as MPs prepare to quiz farm payments chief

The boss of the Rural Payments Agency, which pays farmers their lifeblood subsidies, will be questioned by MPs in March.

Resident crossbills seem to have taken advantage of a plentiful food supply this year.   Picture: Vince Cowell

Birdwatch: It’s cone alone for the birds on a very strict diet

Crossbills are being seen in large numbers searching for cones in conifer plantations such as Dalby and Wykeham forests in North Yorkshire.

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