Bronte Sisters

Bronte Sisters

Rare Brontë book reveals unknown manuscripts

IT is one of the few surviving possessions of the mother of what is arguably the world’s most famous literary families, who died before her children’s great talents were revealed.

Emily Bronte (centre) with sisters Anne (left) and Charlotte.

200 years on... Why Yorkshire is braced for a bout of Brontë-mania

On April 21, 1816 Charlotte Brontë made her first appearance in the world. Born to an ordinary family, from inside the unremarkable surroundings of Haworth parsonage, she would go on to achieve extraordinary things.

The alternative Bronte landmarks on your doorstep

The alternative Bronte landmarks on your doorstep

When most people think of the Bronte sisters, they immediately associate Yorkshire’s foremost literary family with the village of Haworth.

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Top Withens, high on the Pennine Moors above Haworth - the ruins have long been associated with the Brontes

True story of house on the hill that inspired Wuthering Heights

When reporter Harwood Brierley visited Top Withens for an article which appeared in the Leeds Mercury in the winter of 1893, he asked a farmer’s wife whether she ever heard the place being referred to as Wuthering Heights.

Dame Judi Dench. Picture: Ian West/PA Wire

‘Exciting new chapter’ at Brontë Society as Dame Judi Dench announced Honorary President

IT is one of the oldest and most respected literary societies in the world - and now it has one of Britain’s finest actors at its helm.

Production shot of Northern Ballet's new adaptation of Jane Eyre.

Behind the scenes of Northern Ballet’s new production of Jane Eyre

When Cathy Marston was asked to choreograph a new dance adaptation of Jane Eyre for Leeds-based Northern Ballet the cast list was obvious. Aside from Charlotte Brontë’s tortured titular heroine, Marston knew that she would need a whole company of female dancers to bring to life the likes of Grace Poole, Bertha Mason, Blanche Ingram and Helen Burns. Add in a couple of male leads to play Rochester and Mr Brocklehurst and it was just about job done.

THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS: A selection of the artefacts on display at the Bront� Parsonage Museum.

Brontë authors on what Yorkshire’s literary sisters mean to them

SOPHIE FRANKLIN: I wasn’t always a fan of the Brontës. For a while I only really cared for Charlotte.

Author Tracy Chevalier, who is curating a new exhibition at the Bronte Parsonage Museum in Haworth as part of the Charlotte Bronte bicentenary commemorations.

Tracy Chevalier on why she’s been recruited to help celebrate Charlotte Brontë’s bicentary in Yorkshire.

American author Tracy Chevalier is helping to mastermind the bicentenary celebrations of Charlotte Brontë in Yorkshire. She talks to Yvette Huddleston.

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