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As the autumn/winter fashion season approaches, Stephanie Smith has tips on creating your new trans-season wardrobe.

There is something rather liberating about the trans-seasonal fashion period.

You can’t really dress for the weather (and this week has been a classic example – sunny at 8am, dull by 11, windy by noon and positively menacing by 3pm), so there is little point in trying to do so.

So lay reason – and a few fashion rules – to one side for a while. Common sense may well be trying to tell you that the time has come to put away the childish garb of summer, the cotton print dresses and long floral maxis, the strappy tops and the sandals, but ignore common sense.

Embrace instead the opportunity to experiment with some creative mixing and matching, and especially some luxe layering.

This is the perfect time to try out new trends, too, sprinkling them in as you blend your tail-end of summer wardrobe into your ‘make way for winter’ one.

To bring your look bang up to date for the new season, invest first in hosiery – a pair of claret tights, either in nylon or in light wool, is ideal for wearing with a short summer tunic dress and boots, topped off with a denim jacket or a leather jacket or a long cardigan.

The long cardigan is, of course, a trans-season staple. This time around, look out for beige and cream ones, both sleeved and sleeveless. The sleeveless ones look excellent over long-sleeve light printed tunics and dresses, and also over some long-sleeve lace dresses (if you already have a claret or navy lace dress, this is worth trying).

Patterned trousers and leggings are also continuing to provide strong looks for autumn/winter, so either find new ones or try your current ones out by teaming with long-sleeve shirts and layered knits.

Blooms get moodier for the winter, so anything that has flowers printed against a dark backgound is ideal. For example, try a navy kimono-style loose silk jacket over a fine-knit turtle-neck top, or a high-neck white blouse, and jeans (or shorts and tights, for the young, or brave).

Wrap dresses are another trans-seasonal classic, offering a cosy, jacket-style feel that means you can wear them without a coat (for another few days, anyway). Plus they work equally well with sandals (with tights, if you like), and with boots both ankle and knee-high. But go for a patterned wrap this season.

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