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You can skip this ad in a year: YouTube drops 30-second commercials

YOUTUBE is to stop placing “unskippable” 30-second adverts in front of videos, the site’s owner, Google, has announced.

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The Sunnycam Extreme is a camcorder disguised as a pair of glasses

How to record everything you see, with just a pair of glasses

A DECADE and a half ago, you would have paid around £500 for a decent camcorder - which is why they tended to be sold only to semi-serious amateur photographers and those hoping to recoup their outlay from Jeremy Beadle, by filming someone falling into a hole.

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The iRobot Braava Jet 240 mops your floors by itself, while you try not to trip over it

Automating your home - for better or worse

A REPORT out the other week suggested that robots and computers could obviate the need for a quarter of a million civil servants in the course of the next 15 years. NHS administrators could go the same way.

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Broadband prices have soared for some

Broadband prices for most loyal customers ‘hiked by a third in just five years’

BROADBAND prices have risen by more than a third in just five years, with users loyal to one supplier hit hardest, a survey reveals today.

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You can still download Windows 10 for free

How you can still install and run Windows 10 for free

IF YOU have paid £100 or more for a copy recently, this news may not be entirely welcome, but you can now install and run Windows 10 for free.

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Can you control what teenagers access online?

How to stop kids accessing and other ‘unsafe’ apps

IT’S a fair bet that you won’t have heard of a smartphone app called unless you opened the papers the other week and read that it was being used by undesirables to target school children.

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You can tweak the Windows 10 'Anniversary Update' more to your liking

Five ways to make Windows 10 less annoying

THE latest update to Microsoft Windows - an operating system that’s almost as old as personal computing itself - will have made it to your Windows 10 machine by now. You may not have noticed it, because despite the ballyhoo there’s virtually nothing new about it - but since you have it, you may as well make use of it.

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Potential nuisance callers and scammers could be able to buy sensitive personal and financial information for as little as 4p a record

Your personal data on sale to scammers and cold callers for just 4p

NUISANCE CALLERS and fraudsters are able to buy the phone numbers and personal details of almost anyone from unscrupulous traders for as little as 4p each, a consumer body has warned.

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Amazon is for sellers as well as buyers

Fed up with eBay? Try these four lucrative alternatives for sellers

SELLING your spare junk on eBay is so easy now that many of us give barely a second thought to the alternatives. Yet there is a raft of other online resources that could give you as much, if not more, bang for your buck.

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Kodi as it looks on screen

Are Kodi Boxes legal? Everything you need to know

THERE HAS been much debate lately about the legality, or otherwise, of so-called Kodi Boxes - miniature PCs that connect to your television set and allow you to watch videos stored on your home network and - controversially - other networks entirely.

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The HTU U Play.

These new HTC phones learn your habits and repeat them - so be careful what you do with them

HTC says its new smartphones contain artificial intelligence that can learn a user’s phone habits and replicate them.


How fast a broadband connection do you need for Netflix?

HOW MUCH broadband do you need? In the last month, more of us than ever have flirted with streaming TV services like Amazon Prime and Netflix, yet the regulator Ofsted says more than a million homes are still unable to get what it considers a decent internet signal.

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How safe is your phone from viruses?

COMPUTERS, as everyone knows are breeding grounds for viruses. In fact, they’re the high-tech equivalent of standing next to someone blowing his nose in a crowded train carriage. That’s why you should never use one without protective software installed.

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In with the new: Top 5 tech trends for 2017

2016 will likely be remembered for all the wrong reasons, and when you consider that the biggest emerging trends in the technical arena have been Pokemon Go and the spread of fake news, you get some perspective on how bad things have been.

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James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond in Amazon Prime's Grand Tour, one of the new 'smart shows' now available on your TV

Christmas streamers: What to watch on your smart TV this holiday

BY NOW, you may already have experienced the annual disappointment of flicking through the double issue of Radio Times to discover that there’s virtually nothing worth watching on any of the dozens of channels you can now receive. So it’s exactly the right time to explore the world beyond your aerial or Sky dish.

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This �100 instant printer from Polaroid produces 2x3in pictures from your phone, without ink or wires.

Top 5 last-minute tech gifts for Christmas 2016

IT’S NOT too late to fill someone’s stocking next weekend with a piece of covetable Christmas kit, even if you want to buy it online.

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At �200, this Parrot AR Drone is no toy, but it's a great Christmas gift for an enthusiast

From £10 to £200: Best drones to buy as gifts this Christmas

THEY COULD hardly be more unsuited to an English winter, but drones are, apparently, the gift at the top of most men’s wishlists this Christmas.

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Google's Auto app can now be used on your phone as well as your car stereo

Don’t buy a new car stereo - here’s how you can use your phone instead

CAR MAKERS have their hands full with important questions of what colour upholstery to have with the SRi trim, or, in the case of Volkswagen, whether to try reporting their emission levels accurately. Audio systems are a long way down their priority list.

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The Amazon Echo Dot sits on a shelf and waits for you to speak to it

Why the age of the remote control will soon be over

A TIME before remote controls seems positively prehistoric today - yet until the mid-Seventies, they were unheard of in Britain. Even then, the first ones were capable of doing nothing more than muting the volume and clicking between the three available channels.

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Google's Chromecast Ultra streams 4k video direct from the web

How to watch 4K content on your TV right now

IF YOU’VE bought a new TV recently, or plan to in the near future, there’s a good chance that it will come with an ultra high definition screen, whether you want it to or not.

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