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From £10 to £200: Best drones to buy as gifts this Christmas

THEY COULD hardly be more unsuited to an English winter, but drones are, apparently, the gift at the top of most men’s wishlists this Christmas.

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Google's Auto app can now be used on your phone as well as your car stereo

Don’t buy a new car stereo - here’s how you can use your phone instead

CAR MAKERS have their hands full with important questions of what colour upholstery to have with the SRi trim, or, in the case of Volkswagen, whether to try reporting their emission levels accurately. Audio systems are a long way down their priority list.

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The Amazon Echo Dot sits on a shelf and waits for you to speak to it

Why the age of the remote control will soon be over

A TIME before remote controls seems positively prehistoric today - yet until the mid-Seventies, they were unheard of in Britain. Even then, the first ones were capable of doing nothing more than muting the volume and clicking between the three available channels.

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Google's Chromecast Ultra streams 4k video direct from the web

How to watch 4K content on your TV right now

IF YOU’VE bought a new TV recently, or plan to in the near future, there’s a good chance that it will come with an ultra high definition screen, whether you want it to or not.

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The �250 Rega Planar 1 is a bare-bones turntable without even a speed knob

Why vinyl records sound no better now than the first time around

THOSE of us who grew up in the era of the vinyl record were, I suspect, glad to see the back of the perishing things. Putting to one side the rose-tinted specs, they took up too much space, scratched too easily and wore out the stylus every few months.

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The Pixel phone is the first to be made by Google itself.

Which is best: OnePlus 3 or Google Pixel phone?

WHAT WITH Samsung’s latest phone self-combusting in your pocket and airlines refusing to let you on board if you’re carrying one, it’s not surprising that some of us have begin looking elsewhere.

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This 14-inch Chroomebook by Acer has 4GB of memory and costs �280

Do you REALLY still need Windows on your laptop?

WITH SO many of us using our phones for day-to-day computing, the market for larger devices - tablets, let alone laptops - has begun to decline. The absence of a new tablet in Google’s recently-announced Pixel range of devices speaks volumes.

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Samsung has temporarily halted production of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones

Hottest new phone (literally): Samsung Galaxy ‘catching fire even after fix’

The launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 in the UK could be in doubt after reports emerged that replacement handsets still have battery issues that can cause them to catch fire.

Your TV and speakers don't always work in harmony

How to eliminate problems in your home cinema setup

SOMETIMES, when technology takes a leap forward, it also takes two steps back. No-one ever used to worry about having to hook up a TV to an external speaker and then work out what to do when the sound went out of sync with the picture - but that is the reality of audio-video connectivity today.

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The Microsoft Surface is a laptop and a tablet, for the price of... both

China syndrome: Get a Microsoft Surface clone for just £275

IT TOOK Microsoft years to convince anyone that “pen computing” was a good idea - and just as a few users are beginning to catch on, along comes another company to steal their lunch.

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Venturer's BravoWin and EliteWin 2-in-1 tablet laptops are top of the class

TECH TALK: Venturer BravoWin and EliteWin 2-in-1 tablet laptops are top of the class

Looking for a school or college 2-in-1 tablet laptop at an affordable price? We have the win win solution - the new Venturer BravoWin and EliteWin.
Xqisit iE200 Bluetooth in-earphones

TECH TALK: Xqisit iE200 Bluetooth in-earphones are sound choice

Apple's decision to lose the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus means that wireless Bluetooth earphones are the coolest new accessory and I'm recommending the Xqisit iE200.
A GoPro camera can go where your phone can't

Don’t try this at home: Best value action cams this autumn

UNLESS you’re a movie-making enthusiast, there is little point these days in buying a camcorder. Your smartphone is capable of doing almost as good a job, and then uploading the results to YouTube before you’ve even stuffed it back in your pocket.

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Kodi as it appears on the official Google Play Store

Is it legal to watch free Premier League football on Kodi?

AN ONLINE trader is believed to be the first person in Britain to be prosecuted for selling Android TV boxes that allow the free viewing of Premiership football matches.

Windows 10

Microsoft faces compensation demand over failed Windows 10 updates

THE COMPUTER giant Microsoft was under pressure last night to compensate customers after hundreds of users said the latest version of its Windows operating system had stopped their machines working properly.


iLost them already: iPhone7 fans queue in the rain for cordless kit

GADGET enthusiasts were queuing in the rain this morning to be among the first to claim ownership of Apple’s latest iPhone, so it was appropriate that the new model is now water resistant.

Amazon's smart speaker

Amazon introduces the loudspeaker you can talk back at

Amazon has announced that it will start selling its voice-activated smart speaker system Echo in the UK.

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The latest version of Apple's mobile operating system which powers the iPhone and iPad, iOS 10, has suffered issues during its launch.

Apple’s new update crashed my iPhone

The latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system which powers the iPhone and iPad, iOS 10, is reported to have crashed the devices of many users.

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Vofafone's Sure Signal is a mini mobile transmitter for your home.

Top tricks for using your mobile when there’s no signal

MOBILE phones are an indispensable part of modern life, even if we seldom use them for making actual phone calls. But as we all know, Britain - and the northern half of Yorkshire in particular - is a patchwork quilt of coverage, with more holes than the A64 after a wet winter.

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Technology Will Save Us DIY Speaker Kit

How to make a loudspeaker from a balloon

Technology Will Save Us DIY speaker kit: Discover how you can turn a simple balloon or a painted cardboard box into a portable speaker and plug it into your smartphone or tablet to play your favourite tunes.

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