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How to choose the right security cam for your summer hols

AUGUST is a good month for break-ins, because many of us leave our homes unoccupied while we hightail it to Tuscany or Torremolinos. But a remotely controlled security camera back home can be as good as - or better than - a house sitter.

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The OnePlus 5 is a match for the iPhone, at around half the price.

Top-end handsets for half the price of an iPhone 8

A MONTH or so from now, Apple will announce to the world its latest smartphone, the iPhone 8. For the last decade, the stage management of its launch jamborees has been characterised by a level of hysteria not seen since the Paris peace accords. But this time may be different… the world is no longer listening.

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Google Photos lets you organise and view your library on whatever device you are using

How to use Google Photos to catalogue and view every picture you’ve ever taken

FROM inauspicious beginnings just two years ago as a branch of the under-used and unliked social network, Google Plus, the company’s Photos app has grown into by far the best resource for organising, viewing and sharing every picture you’ve ever taken.

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The end of Paint?

Microsoft Paint could be killed off after three decades

Microsoft has announced plans to kill off its long-running Paint drawing tool after more than 30 years in use.
App stores filter out malware, so you don't need a special app for the purpose

The ‘cleaning’ apps that can actually slow down your phone

Owning a computer that runs Windows has always carried a hefty maintenance commitment. You have to clean it as often as your actual windows if you want it to perform in anything like the way it did when you bought it.

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Yorkshire Dales Food and Drink Festival

Yorkshire Dales Food and Drink Festival

Celebrity chefs James Martin and John Torode are on the menu of top cooks who will set your tastebuds alight at the annual Yorkshire Dales Food and Drink Festival this weekend.

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Changing the wifi password on your router makes your system more secure

How to close the security loophole that could let someone access your wifi network

YOU will recall, no doubt, the outrage when a group of hackers crippled many of the country’s NHS computer systems a couple of months ago. It led to suggestions in some quarters that the government must have ignored the warning signs.

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Sadly it is goodbye Skoda Yeti RIP

THE mighty Volkswagen Group managed to accomplish one of the motor industry's major success stories by developing Skoda from a joke company into one of the world's leading and most respected automobile manufacturers.

Sky's Now TV service makes it cheaper to cherry pick your viewing

How to cut the cost of watching Game of Thrones next week

THE days of tuning into one of the terrestrial TV channels, or even to Sky, to watch the programmes everyone else is talking about have long since passed. Today, they are just as likely to be on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

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Sonos speakers connect to each other and stream music around your home

Streaming music around your home: Sonos and cheaper alternatives

IT HAS long been possible to stream music from one room of your house to another: many of us have spent hours, at various times in our lives, running yards of cable around the skirting boards and under the carpet to a second pair of loudspeakers.

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The Yolt app can access your all accounts at different banks

How to log into all your bank accounts with a single app

EVERY bank offers an online service but only a few are trying to push the envelope beyond the virtual cashier’s window.

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The Amazon Fire 8HD is one of two new tablets out this month

What to expect from Amazon’s new tablets

THERE IS a school of thought that tablets have had their day. Aside from Apple’s original iPads, which are good but pricey, models have come and gone, and some of the cheaper ones have been beset with usability and reliability problems.

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Time to try a tri: Top tips for beginner triathletes

Time to try a tri: Top tips for beginner triathletes

Triathlon: a word that strikes fear into couch potatoes everywhere. For many, the idea of swimming 1,500 metres, cycling 40k and running 10k back-to-back fills them with dread.

The  �130 Roberts Stream 93i receives internet and DAB stations

Is your old digital radio already obsolete?

HALF a decade from now, BBC radio will have been on the air for 100 years, so you’d have thought that by now we would have got the art of buying a receiver down to a tee.

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This Apple Watch designed by Hermes of Paris costs GBP1,149

Should there be a smartwatch on your wrist this summer?

After the iPod, iPhone and iPad, we had become used to believing that when Apple launched a product, we would all want it, even if we didn’t know at first what it was.

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This Panasonic TV is one of the few that will work with the 4K iPlayer test

How and when can you watch in ultra-high definition on the iPlayer?

IT wasn’t the first streaming service but for most viewers, it was the one that brought TV into the internet age. The BBC iPlayer is 10 this summer, and will, before it turns 15, be the de facto method for watching television.

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New pet bedding with build in protection against fleas, ticks, flies and mosquitoes

UK pet-bed specialists Scruffs® have announced a new partnership with Insect Shield®, to develop a collection of pet bedding and accessories integrated with built-in protection.
Google's Duo calling app lets you see you's on the line before you answer

Best new ways to make phone calls without using your included minutes

PERHAPS you have noticed that mobile operators have been getting more generous with their call time allowances of late, just as they did with texts a couple of years ago. The reason is the same: they no longer control the market.

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With a Chromecast or Smart TV, you can 'cast' your phone screen yo uour TV.

How to get rid of those EU cookie notices... and the best way to share your photos around the room

I’M convinced that the reason we voted to leave the European Union was the volume of those pop-up choices about cookies they insist on giving us.

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How to do everything, from a single remote

YOU HARDLY need me to tell you that the shops now sell “all-in-one” remote controls which replace several or even all of the ones that came with your bits of kit. This opens up a Pandora’s box of possibilities, but most models barely get the lid open.

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