Shades of winter

You can tell when it’s autumn. There is no need to look out of the window, check the thermometer or admire the changing hues of the leaves. Just pop into your local garden centre and experience the explosion of colour as the cyclamen takes centre stage.

Harlow  Carr

Regular openings

Gardens to visit across Yorkshire this autumn...


Q&A: When is the best time to prune climbing plants?

Q: We have a lovely Actinidia but it is getting bit out of hand. When is the best time to prune it and how do we go about it?

Jasminum nudiflorum

Plant of the Week: Winter jasmine

Jasminum nudiflorum, aka winter jasmine, is already starting to produce yellow, starry flowers.

Give apples a day to remember.

Celebrate the apple...and fight off the fungus

Apple Day is when the UK recognises the wealth and variety of apples available throughout the land.

READY FOR ACTION: The tools of the trade for a healthy gardener.

Weedy to strong

Three cheers for the doctor who recently advocated gardening as being as good a therapy – if not better – as going to the gym.

COLD COMFORT: Container-grown olive trees are best taken indoors when winter approaches.

Branching out

A few years ago it became very fashionable to spend a small fortune on a small olive tree and pop it into a largish pot outside the front door. Sometimes, people paid even more and potted up a pair – one at each side.


Q&A: What to grow in acidic soil

Q: I want to grow some new flowering shrubs but I have tested the soil in my garden and it is quite acidic. Have you any suggestions what will grow?

SIZE MATTERS: Healthy tulip bulbs produce healthy flowers

Switch on the bulbs

Last Christmas, I received a bag of tulip bulbs – tulips bulbs from Amsterdam, no less.

LATE SHOW: Phlox can brighten up a dismal autumn day.

A phlox on all their houses is no bad thing

Phlox paniculata is one of the great late-flowerers of a traditional border where its sometimes-shocking pink blooms can provide a welcome flash of light.


Q&A: Can I grow Newby Hall’s shrub in my garden?

Q: My husband and I recently went to Newby Hall, near Ripon, and took a picture of a wonderful plant and I haven’t been able to discover its identity. I would love to grow one.

HOT STUFF: Heleniums can flower well into autumn.

Blooms for a Bard

This is a love story without the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. No family feuds, no poisons and daggers, just the knowledge that some things in life were meant to be – like flowers in a garden.

GOLDEN TOUCH: Solidago loves full sun.

Bright invader making tracks to your garden

When you see the words ‘can be invasive’ it’s usually enough to persuade people not to cultivate a certain plant for fear that it will eventually take over the garden.


Plant of the Week: Achillea

Here’s something to bring a bit of colour to your day – these vivid yellow saucer-shaped blooms are an eye-catching sight from early summer onwards.

Alan Titchmarsh is appearing at the Ilkley Literature Festival next month. (PA)

Alan Titchmarsh returns to his Yorkshire roots

Alan Titchmarsh is Britain’s best known gardener, as well as a hugely popular television presenter and writer. He talks to Chris Bond ahead of his return ‘home’ to Ilkley.

RICH PICKINGS: Rowans are heavy with berries as nature prepares for winter.

Gardening: Berried treasure

Nature is busy producing food for the birds and a feast for the eyes. David Overend reports.


Video: Harrogate Autumn Flower Show sneak preview

HARROGATE’S three-day Autumn Flower Show gets under way on Friday, with thousands expected through the gates of the Great Yorkshire Showground.

Gardening 1
AUTUMN SHOW:  Rudbeckia produce a wonderful late burst of yellow and orange.

Gardening: Brightness falls

David Overend looks at plants that will bring a splash of colour to the garden before winter arrives.

MATCH STICKS: Rhubarb crowns are best planted in the spring or autumn.

Gardening: Stick with it

Rhubarb goes with Yorkshire better than custard. David Overend has tips on how to grow yours.

PRETTY TOUGH: Sedum sediforme Gold.

Gardening: Golden wonder

Sedum is a tough survivor and a summer delight for gardeners. David Overend reports.

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