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Ill children are delighted at trip to Florida

SCORES OF sick and seriously ill children from across the UK have left their families behind and conquered their fears on a once-in-a-lifetime sunshine holiday in America.

WINTER WARMER: The vivid orange berries of Pyracantha.

Merry berry

There’s orange, and there is orange. But in the case of berries, there are few to challenge the firethorn for an autumnal burst of colour that is definitely orange. And the firethorn (Pyracantha) is not only bright and beautiful but it’s also useful as an excellent source of food and shelter for wildlife.

UNDER THREAT: The London plane could be living on borrowed time.

Britain will be poorer with loss of more trees

It’s a hard life being a tree. You are always under attack – from man and his chainsaw, acid rain and numerous pests, pathogens and pestilences.

Q&A on apples

Q&A: How can we store apples from our tree?

Q: This year, one of our apple trees has produced loads of fruit, far too much to eat or peel and freeze. How can we store them?


Plant of the Week: Heuchera

These are all a bit of a rage at the moment.

Cyclamen are a favourite flower both indoors and out.

Shades of winter

You can tell when it’s autumn. There is no need to look out of the window, check the thermometer or admire the changing hues of the leaves. Just pop into your local garden centre and experience the explosion of colour as the cyclamen takes centre stage.

Harlow  Carr

Regular openings

Gardens to visit across Yorkshire this autumn...


Q&A: When is the best time to prune climbing plants?

Q: We have a lovely Actinidia but it is getting bit out of hand. When is the best time to prune it and how do we go about it?

Jasminum nudiflorum

Plant of the Week: Winter jasmine

Jasminum nudiflorum, aka winter jasmine, is already starting to produce yellow, starry flowers.

Give apples a day to remember.

Celebrate the apple...and fight off the fungus

Apple Day is when the UK recognises the wealth and variety of apples available throughout the land.

READY FOR ACTION: The tools of the trade for a healthy gardener.

Weedy to strong

Three cheers for the doctor who recently advocated gardening as being as good a therapy – if not better – as going to the gym.

Picture courtesy of Rowenna Mason at

Stephanie Smith: He does bins, bills and dishwasher. I do cushions. It’s fair.

Are there really men out there who are so useless, they can’t even order their own meal without help from the wife?

Ration book baking challenge at 1940s weekend

Ration book baking challenge at 1940s weekend

A Yorkshire heritage railway is challenging visitors to take part in a World War Two Bake Off as part of its upcoming 1940s weekend.


The dilapidated school which is a class act as a family home

Converting a village school was a labour of love for Glenys and Nils Persson. Heather Dixon reports. Pictures by Colin Poole.

Clare and Mark Oglesby  owners of  Goldsborough Hall, Goldsborough near  Knaresborough in the garden outside the hall.

How a former royal residence in Yorkshire has been given a new lease of life

For more than a decade, the restoration of Princess Mary’s former home of Goldsborough Hall has been a labour of love for Clare and Mark Oglesby. Now they want to share it with others. Catherine Scott reports. Pictures by Gary Longbottom.

Analysis 1
Sue and Richard Nicol of Wrenthorpe., building their garden room designed by Straw Works.

Homes of straw: healthy, eco-friendly and energy efficient

Straw bale building is no longer seen as whacky but is it getting closer to the mainstream? Sheena Hastings talks to expert Barbara Jones

COLD COMFORT: Container-grown olive trees are best taken indoors when winter approaches.

Branching out

A few years ago it became very fashionable to spend a small fortune on a small olive tree and pop it into a largish pot outside the front door. Sometimes, people paid even more and potted up a pair – one at each side.


Q&A: What to grow in acidic soil

Q: I want to grow some new flowering shrubs but I have tested the soil in my garden and it is quite acidic. Have you any suggestions what will grow?

SIZE MATTERS: Healthy tulip bulbs produce healthy flowers

Switch on the bulbs

Last Christmas, I received a bag of tulip bulbs – tulips bulbs from Amsterdam, no less.

LATE SHOW: Phlox can brighten up a dismal autumn day.

A phlox on all their houses is no bad thing

Phlox paniculata is one of the great late-flowerers of a traditional border where its sometimes-shocking pink blooms can provide a welcome flash of light.

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