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Gardening: Just desserts

February may be potentially the worst month of winter but it is also the time for raspberries – pruning the autumn-fruiting canes down to the ground and planting bare-rooted plants of the summer-fruiting varieties.


Q&A: Taking care of the fuchsia

Q: My father has had to go into hospital for a few days and he is worried about the fuchsias in his greenhouse. He has asked me to look after them. Can you advise me?

WORTH CONSIDERING: Some forms of mountain ash are ideal for a smaller garden.

An ill wind can
sometimes blow
good in gardens

Storms can cause havoc – but also be a bit of a blessing in disguise.

SMALL WONDER: Cyclamen coum grow well with snowdrops.

Gardening: Stars of winter

Many gardeners probably had a lovely show of container-grown flowers last year, but, then, come the colder months, they struggled to succeed with any colourful plants to take their place.

BARREL ROLE: Echinocactus grusonii can make a stunning house plant.

At the sharp end of the golden barrel

Some things are meant to be looked at, not touched. Parents tell that fact of life to their young children; puppies and kittens learn that fact of life when they receive a sharp pain in the nose from being too inquisitive.

SUMMER LOVING: The marguerite daisy flowers prolifically in a sunny, sheltered site.

A winter holiday

Some people find it ever so simple to grow argyranthemums. Even in cold spells they are fortunate to have a sheltered spot outdoors where the marguerite daisy can pass the winter without damage.

Lucienne Day with her 1990 Aspects of the Sun silk mosaic wall hagning, made for the new John Lewis store at Kingston. It is still on display.

Material girl: Celebrating a century of Lucienne Day

As a young, unknown designer, Lucienne Day, marched into Manchester textile mills and touted for business strictly on her terms with the male-dominated hierarchy. It was a gutsy approach in the undeniably sexist 1940s but then Désirée Lucienne Lisbeth Dulcie Day, née Conradi, was always courageous and unconventional. Evidence of this is clear from her designs. Even now, her ground-breaking Calyx fabric, which featured at the Festival of Britain in 1951, looks bold, fresh and exciting.

Yorkshire bowler Jack Brooks, centre, appeared on ITV's Celebrity Dinner Date on Wednesday

Yorkshire cricketer Jack Brooks stars on ITV's Celebrity Dinner Date alongside Coronation Street actress

Yorkshire cricketer Jack Brooks appeared on ITV hit show Celebrity Dinner Date on Wednesday night attempting to woo actress Rhea Bailey with his culinary skills.
DAWN BREAKS: Viburnum x bodnantense Dawn is a star worth cultivating.

The Dawn star that brightens up dark months

Plants are going to sleep; most have had a busy year and need a winter of rest and recuperation. They’ve earned it.

SLEEPING GIANT: Florists cyclamen (Cyclamen persicum) may not be the biggest of plants but it is one of the most striking for growing in a bedroom.

Sleeping beauties

Do people grow plants in bedrooms? They certainly have them in lounges and dining rooms, in halls and bathrooms; in fact, just about anywhere they can. But bedrooms seem to be a bit of a no-go area.

ON GUARD: Newly-planted trees may need protecting from pests like rabbits or deer.

Gardedning: Navigating roots

Time flies, and with it comes an annual dilemma for many gardeners thinking of planting a tree or shrub – whether to get the job done or wait until spring.

Royal Horticultural Society announces new flower show at Chatsworth

Royal Horticultural Society announces new flower show at Chatsworth

The Royal Horticultural Society will focus on climate change in a feature garden at its newest show at Chatsworth.

WINTER WONDER: Snowdrops are blooming beautifully right now.

Get ready to drop in on first signs of spring

A mild winter can play havoc with a gardener’s plans – particularly those opening their plot to the paying public.


VIDEO PREVIEW: Alvarez Kings crown debut album with sold out homecoming and Outlines Festival

South Yorkshire quartet Alvarez Kings have signed a Warner Brothers record deal and are to release a LA recorded debut album, called Somewhere Between.
What s on 1
FEELING BLUE: The cheeky blue tit is under pressure.

Watch the birdie

A lot of people are going to be doing a lot of bird-watching this weekend as part of the RSPB’s annual Big Garden Birdwatch. The aim of the event is to help form a complete picture of the fortunes of garden birds. Last year, the top three to be spotted were the house sparrow, blue tit and starling.

BLOOMING MARVELLOUS: Many roses can produce flowers even in the middle of winter.

Treat roses with care to ensure more blooms

Give them the opportunity and the right care, and many roses will continue to produce flowers throughout the winter.

BERRY BONUS: Cornus mas follows flowers with fruit.

C mas appeal

Another day, another dogwood – and although Cornus mas (the Cornelian cherry) may not be considered the most attractive of trees, it makes a statement in winter.

Serving up vegan hotdogs at a previous festival organised by Farplace

West Yorkshire Vegan Festival set to round-off Veganuary with a bang

Hundreds of vegans are set to descend on West Yorkshire as the county hosts its inaugural vegan festival.

WINTER WONDER: Senecio is proving to be more than just a star of summer.

Gardening: The tough get going

Senecio is a plant that people normally associate with summer, but the one pictured here was blooming last week – admittedly in a sheltered spot – 600ft up in the Pennines.

WEIGHT WATCHING: Clear vulnerable tree branches of accumulations of snow.

Keep fit in the garden and save on gym fees

All those wasted pounds, all those soon-to-be-dashed resolutions... we’re well into January and a lot of people are joining a gym and trying to exercise.

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