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Personal Finance

House prices growth pushes average value over £210,000, confirms Nationwide

House price growth rebounded in June, pushing the average value over the £210,000 mark for the first time, according to an index.
The Huddersfield branch of the Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI)

Thousands of Yorkshire women face financial hardship, says WASPI campaign

THOUSANDS of Yorkshire women are facing financial hardship because the Government has failed to offer fair transitional arrangements for changes to the state pension age, according to a campaigning group.

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Phones blamed as trigger-appy shoppers go on ‘open all hours’ sprees from bed

Nearly a third of Britons say apps are making their finances worse, either by encouraging them to spend more or making them lose track of their outgoings.

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The UK has seen a rise in household wealth since the financial crash

Growing numbers of wealthy entrepreneurs are heading to Yorkshire, says study

YORKSHIRE’S most affluent households have seen their wealth rise by more than 40 per cent since the financial crash of 2008, according to a new study.

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Sandbanks in Poole.

Northern coastal towns lag behind on house prices as southern hot-spots dominate value list

They’re an enticing prospect for a house-buyer wanting an escape from urban life, with uplifting views and fresh sea air coming as standard.

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Friendly societies can be specific to an occupation; such as railways

The friendly way to invest and without the worry of paying tax

Amazingly few investors and even financial advisers appear to be aware of the savings plans which friendly societies can offer. One of their crucial features is that they are tax-exempt, making such schemes an ideal first investment for both an adult and child.

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Can you afford the payments on the new car you just bought?

Have you borrowed to finance a car recently? If you have, you’re part of a growing trend. In fact, the amount of money borrowed to buy brand new cars has trebled in the last eight years to more than £30 billion. But this increase, particularly amongst people who already have stretched finances, has some people worried.

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The City of London skyline at dusk, with Blackfriars Bridge in the foreground  Photo:  Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Number of loans is a sign of resilience, says Hitachi Capital

CONSUMER confidence remained resilient over the last financial year, despite uncertainties caused by Brexit, according to bosses at Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance.

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What does persistent credit card debt look like and do you have it?

ARE YOU in persistent credit card debt? Are you able to get ahead of your payments and pay more than you need, or are you stuck paying the minimum amount each month?

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Leadership Award. Peter Hill of the Leeds Building Society with Michael Portillo.
Yorkshire Post Excellence in Business Awards 2016.  New Dock Hall.  4 November 2016.  Picture Bruce Rollinson

Excellence in Business Awards honour great leaders

GREAT leaders can turn any company into a world-beater and transform the fortunes of its staff and stakeholders.

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Why are we borrowing so much more these days?

New figures show that consumer borrowing has been growing rapidly, and this has worried the Bank of England, as well as the financial watchdog The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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Paul Brencher, Managing Director, Individual Protection, Aviva UK

Britons are failing to plan for illness, says study

A new study has revealed a worrying gap between people’s fears of illness and the financial preparations they actually make to deal with it.

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Many UK adults have started to save more for their retirement, according to a survey

Around 5.5 million people are saving more because of pension freedoms, says Aegon

FOURTEEN per cent of working age people are saving more into their pension as a result of the “pension freedoms” introduced by the Government two years ago, according to new research

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Single parents owed huge sum in unpaid child maintenance

Does your ex owe money in child maintenance? Unfortunately, a new report from the National Audit Office shows that this isn’t all that unusual. Altogether, the amount of outstanding child maintenance comes to a whopping £4 billion. To make matters worse, three quarters of that amount is uncollectable according to the Department for Work and Pensions, so at least £3 billion may never end up being paid at all.

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One in four waiting for an inheritance before they can buy a house

ONE in four young people are pinning their hopes on an inheritance to get a foothold on the property ladder, research out today reveals.

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Do you know how much your overdraft is costing you?

Are you struggling to stay out of your overdraft? Do you know how much you’ll be charged if you do use it? If you’re not careful, you can end up paying a lot for going overdrawn.

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Mike O'Connor, chief executive of Leeds-based debt charity Stepchange.

Consumers still suffer from irresponsible lending, says Leeds debt charity boss

THE boss of a Leeds debt charity has warned that some consumers are still suffering at the hands of “irresponsible lending” after new figures revealed a worrying rise in complaints about payday loans in Yorkshire.

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Exclusive: Payday loans epidemic in Yorkshire as complaints soar

COMPLAINTS about payday lending companies rose by more than a third in Yorkshire over the last six months of 2016, according to the head of the financial ombudsman service.

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Mums are still 'lending' money to their adult children.

Bank of Mum: 17% of mothers still lend money to their adult children, survey finds

Mothers are more likely than fathers to continue giving their children cash handouts after they have grown up, a survey has found.

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What to do if the bailiffs come knocking - and how to keep them at bay

THE fear of bailiffs coming round to your home and trying to remove some of your possessions is enough to worry anyone who has ever fallen behind with a bill.

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