A Yorkshire Christmas Carol

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From: Derek Varey, Newfield Drive, Ilkley.

AFTER watching at least six film versions of A Christmas Carol, including the classic 50s black- and-white version, I fail to see any resemblance to Yorkshire.

I refer, of course, to claims that Dickens could have been inspired by people and locations in or around Malton and chronicled 
in the Yorkshire Post fairly recently.

For a start, the ending is all wrong. It in no form reflects 
the clear, right-thinking views 
of the people of this proud county.

Perhaps the YP could commission a ghost writer to pen a more suitable ending, one that embodies the spirit of a true Yorkshireman. You know, Scrooge, after an unprovoked disturbed night tells the spectres to be off and keeps his brass in his pocket where it belongs.

I look forward to finding this revised tome, in paperback of course, on my local jumble sale stall in the near future.

Happy Humbug!

Give Parliament
ticket to ride

From: Nigel F Boddy, Fife Road, Darlington.

AS London property prices escalate and the debate about MPs’ pay becomes ever more ridiculous, the obvious solution of moving MPs and Parliament out of London altogether is simply ignored by David Cameron and Ed Miliband. They are just two Londoners.

Parliament has always met where the sovereign called members to assemble.

If we want to have Parliament in Manchester Town Hall next September then there is nothing to stop us. Harold Wilson started the process of moving government out of London, with DVLA, the Mint and the Ministry of Education.

The taxpayer will save a fortune in London pay rates if we 
move more government departments and Parliament out of London.

MPs’ current pay rates are only enough if Parliament meets somewhere in the provinces.

Parliaments often met in York in the fifteenth century.