Abuser doused his young victim in petrol and threatened to set her alight

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ONE OF the most harrowing cases to emerge from the inquiry involved a Rotherham girl who was trafficked for sex to cities across Yorkshire by the time she 
was 15 and was doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight.

Referred to as Child B, the teenager was “groomed by an older man involved in the exploitation of other children”, according to the report.

It said: “Child B loved this man. He trafficked her to Leeds, Bradford and Sheffield and offered to provide her with a flat in one of those cities.

“A child protection referral 
was made but the social care 
case file recorded no response to this.

The report detailed how “within just a few months Child B and her family were living in fear of their lives”.

The windows of their house were put in, she was threatened with being forced into prostitution and her older sibling was taken to hospital.

Authors of the report went on to state that Child B had been stalked and had petrol poured over her head and was threatened with being set alight.

The child and her mother refused to have anything more to do with South Yorkshire Police following the episode as they felt officers could “do nothing to protect them”.

She was homeless by the age of 18.

Another girl, Child D, was 13 when she was groomed, raped and trafficked by a violent sexual predator in the town.