After McIntosh row, party must focus on election

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From: PHK Steveney, Thirsk and Malton Conservatives, Town Street, Old Malton.

AT last we can move forward – to campaign for victory in this year’s European election and next year’s general election, to recruit new members and to rebuild our Association as a positive force in the life of Thirsk and Malton after the members of this Association, in a postal ballot, voted not to re-adopt Anne McIntosh as their Conservative Party candidate.

Anne McIntosh will continue to serve in Parliament as our Thirsk & Malton Conservative MP until the next General Election. The Association, as far as it is able, will support her in her work as the MP, and we look forward to her support in our campaign for Conservative victory in the European Election in May.

We must deliver every Conservative vote, and that task offers an opportunity – very much needed in this Association – for us to mend fences and move on.

Meanwhile, we have been advised by the Party Board that candidate selections in constituencies such as Thirsk and Malton that have not yet chosen a candidate for the 2015 general election, will be deferred until after May 22, 2014.

At this stage we have no idea who will apply; we will not comment on any individual names, and will do our best to discourage media speculation on the subject. What we can say is that we hope to receive a wide choice of applications, and will welcome potential candidates who can help us to unite our Association and campaign harmoniously for victory in 2015.

Meanwhile I am glad to report that we have been gathering new members and are starting to re-engage with previously lapsed members.

An exciting and varied events programme is planned for the spring and summer, including the re-launch of the Patrons’ Club.