Aggressive sales calls shatter peace and quiet

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From: Diana Priestley, Fixby Road, Huddersfield.

CAN anyone advise us? We are feeling persecuted. Ten minutes ago, our telephone rang.

For the fifth time today someone has sent us a recorded message about a boiler. There are three numbers, one showing only “0”, one a landline and one a mobile. How do we get rid of them?

When it all began, some months ago, I responded to the “press a number to speak to a real person”.

At that time, I was still a believer in politeness. I gave the woman my details, said we were not interested, and requested to be take off her list.

Ignoring this, she yelled at me “How old is your boiler?” Now irritated, I replied: “It doesn’t matter how old my boiler is, please take us off your list.” Her voice rose to a shriek as she replied “No! I will not!” and slammed the phone down.

I wonder how this affects people with mobility problems? I recall my late neighbour, very slow on her feet, struggling to the telephone to catch a call from her hardworking niece who had made time to ring. Is someone like her to be harassed about a boiler?

This infringement of our rights to some peace and quiet in our homes is a curse of our times. How do others deal with it?