Artist in residence

Gallery owner Lotte Inch has applied her artistic 
and curatorial skills to her terraced home in York. 
Sharon Dale reports. Pictures by Tony Johnson.


The lone arranger: Yorkshire florist Susan Dobson turns her home and garden into spectacular live-work idyll

Flower grower and florist Susan Dobson has turned her home and garden into a live-work idyll. Sharon Dale reports. Pictures by Jonathan Gawthorpe.

Money lent by wealthy professionals in Yorkshire helped pay for the British war effort.

How Yorkshire's middle classes tried to fund World War One effort - and why the failure was covered up

Researchers have unearthed the role of professionals across Yorkshire in attempting to finance the Government through the Great War. Chris Burn reports.
Jeff Platts and Helen Mariott on patrol at Ogden Water. Pic: Jonathanm Gawthorpe

Meet the countryside custodians trying to prevent drownings and fires at Yorkshire beauty spots

They are tragic but all-too-familiar stories at this time of year – young people losing their lives after getting into trouble while swimming in open water at reservoirs, lakes and rivers. In the past few months, two teenage boys have drowned, while two young girls had to be rescued from the Sparth Reservoir in Yorkshire in June.

Thousands of University places are still up for grabs.

A-levels 2017: More than 27,000 courses listed on University clearing website ahead of results

Tens of thousands of last-minute degree places could be available on Thursday, as universities scramble to attract students still searching for a course.

Picture special: Welcome fit for a Queen as £3bn aircraft carrier comes home

Tens of thousands of people have lined the walls of Portsmouth Harbour to welcome the UK's £3 billion aircraft carrier which has berthed at its home port for the first time.

Elvis Presley - Can we help falling in love with the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll?

It’s 40 years since Elvis Presley’s death shocked the world. But what made him so special and is his music now overshadowed by kitsch, asks Chris Bond.

Parkash Samra, 86, was living in India at the time of partition. (Tony Johnson).

The Partition of India - Bearing witness to history

In the final part of our series marking the 70th anniversary of the Partition of India, Chris Bond talks to those from the Hindu and Sikh side whose families were caught up in the turmoil.

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A statement from the family of Jo Cox has hailed Bernard Kenny as 'shining example'.

Pensioner who tried to stop Jo Cox attack was 'shining example', MPs family say

The hero pensioner who tried to save MP Jo Cox from her killer was a "shining example of Yorkshire and British bravery", her family has said in a tribute after his death.

How do you say Primark?

Primark reveals how to pronounce shop name

It’s a debate that you may not know exists, but in the world of social media, it has been a hotly debated topic.

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Which flavour would you save?

Walkers threaten to scrap salt and vinegar and prawn cocktail crisps

They're as British as a cup of tea but the future of some of the nation's favourite crisps could at risk after Walkers announced one of its most popular flavours could be scrapped.
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The Food Standards Agency has issued a safety notice regarding Asda and Lidl baked goods.

Asda and Lidl recalling steak bakes and pasties due to glass fragments

The Food Standards Agency has issued a safety notice over the weekend after several baked goods were recalled due to the risk they may contain glass fragments.
Mohammed Hanif Asad was living in India in 1947 at the time of partition. (Tony Johnson).

The Partition of India - a story of tragedy and turmoil

It’s 70 years this week since the Partition of India. In the first of a two-part series Chris Bond speaks to two Muslims whose families were caught in the upheaval and bloodshed.


Video shows moment gas blast destroys house... woman survives as fridge lands on her

The moment a gas blast destroyed one half of a semi and wrecked the other was caught on camera.

The Radio 270 ship

Trouble in the air 50 years ago... How they sank Scarborough’s pirates

IT WOULD have been the biggest radio party for a generation - the golden anniversary of the sinking of the station they loved. But then they discovered that hardly anyone remembered it.

Scarborough 5
The affects of Brexit will hit British tourists in the purse this summer.

Tourists to face fresh Brexit woes as we lose our spending power abroad

BRITISH holidaymakers are faced with deepening financial woes as the pound is in line to reach parity with the euro and obliterate the spending power of UK tourists in some of Europe’s leading destinations.

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Saturday is the 'Glorious Twelfth' but is the grouse shooting season good news for our Yorkshire environment?

Is the 'twelfth' really glorious or does it spell doom for wildlife on our Yorkshire moors?

Saturday sees the traditional start of the grouse shooting season – and its advent is polarising public opinion.
Environment 12

Tale of the century: How Yorkshire cricket legend Geoffrey Boycott hit the magic number

Today marks the 40th anniversary of Geoffrey Boycott’s 100th hundred. Chris Waters looks back at the Yorkshireman’s unique love affair with scoring centuries.

Leeds Imam Qari Asim.

Qari Asim: Imam’s appeal at Friday prayers to Muslims over sex grooming scandal

FOLLOWING the conviction of 17 Asian men from Newcastlem, British Muslims and those of Asian heritage cannot avoid the question that men of their heritage are disproportionately involved in localised, street grooming of vulnerable girls.

Leeds 6
Huddersfield Town fans will enjoy their first season in the Premier League, despite the cost of car parking.

The shocking cost that Huddersfield Town fans will need to pay to park in the Premier League

Supporters of Premier League teams typically pay more than twice as much to park at stadiums compared with fans of Germany's top clubs, a study has found.
Huddersfield Town 2
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