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Jimmy Fitt.
Jimmy Fitt.
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Jimmy Fitt found expert help after seven years of severe back pain. Catherine Scott reports.

Fire fighter Jimmy Fitt suffered from severe back and leg pain for years.

His condition became so bad that he struggled to enjoy life.

Jimmy, from Hudderfield underwent two back operations for slipped discs.

He also visited numerous therapists, without any long-term easing of his debilitating back and leg pain.

Seven years after he started suffering from the pain, with his quality of life deeply affected and with the added worry of not being able to continue working, Jimmy made an appointment to see physiotherapist Georgie Oldfield at her Pain Relief Centre in Huddersfield.

He attended the initial assessment and then worked his way through her chronic pain programme and within a couple of months he was 90 per cent better, going on to achieve full recovery which he has maintained for the past four years.

“I was at desperation point when I met Georgie and was just getting through, living day to day and not being able to enjoy my social or family life,” explains Jimmy.

“ I noticed a real difference in a couple of weeks and as my confidence increased I found I was able to pick up my kids, run and play football again.”

Georgie explained her method for helping Jimmy and other chronic pain sufferers.

“The approach I use has been built upon the principles of Dr John Sarno’s work, an American pioneer, and has helped hundreds of people over the years regain their lives and enjoy relief from pain caused by various problems such as Fibromyalgia, back and neck pain, sciatica, migraine, and RSI” said Georgie. “I want to give people an opportunity to come along and discuss their causes of pain and see how this approach could lead to a pain free life.”

To this end she is giving people with chronic pain an opportunity to access free consultations to show the way to a pain free life.

Georgie is the founder of SIRPA (Stress Illness Recovery Practitioners Association), an organisation dedicated to promoting the concept that chronic pain is often due to learned nerve pathways, rather than any physical abnormality, so that a full recovery is possible.

On the evening of Tuesday January 27 at Alexandra House, the award-winning health spa in Huddersfield, Georgie will be offering free 20-minute consultations to anyone with persistent pain who would like to see whether this approach might help them.

Booking is essential so to book a free 20-minute appointment with Georgie between 6pm and 9pm on Tuesday, January 27, interested parties just need to call Alexandra House on 01484 303786.

Georgie is also organising the first UK SIRPA conference at the Royal Society of Medicine in London.

The event takes place on Sunday, April 26 and is the culmination of five years of hard work by the Yorkshire therapist.

“This event brings together for the first time in Europe, five pioneering US specialists and UK-based experts including a consultant psychiatrist from The Priory Hospital, to share the leading edge of our understanding,” says Georgie.

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