April 8: More good reasons to stay loyal to Morrisons

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From: H Marjorie Gill, Clarence Drive, Menston.

WITH reference to the letter by Ms Hughes-Rowlands (The Yorkshire Post, March 28), I would be interested to visit Morrisons in Guiseley with her to discover which items of merchandise she unsuccessfully wished to purchase and which member of staff was so rude. Shopping there earlier this week, I agreed with another customer that we were indeed “spoiled for choice” – there were such a variety of every type of goodies on offer in every department.

The fishmonger sets out the wares to make a picture worth painting, next the help yourself salad bar, followed by the girl making pizzas, then cheeses, delicatessen for cold meats, pâtes etc. I’ve never seen such a variety of bread loaves and buns. The shelves were groaning with food.

I wonder what items she was unable to find and if she would like to get in touch I’ll certainly try to make a date to accompany her with her shopping list.

The salad and vegetables, also fruit in or out of season, come from every part of the world. Other shelves are bulging with biscuits and crisps.

I asked a girl stocking the mushroom counter where I could find bottled prunes and she immediately told me that it was on aisle 19.

I can tell you that I am a very satisfied customer.