Arsonists target local restaurant in attack

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Six Molotov cocktails were hurled at restaurant in Helmsley, in an attack that is being treated as arson, police said yesterday.

It is the second time that Helmsley Spice restaurant, on Bridge Street, in Helmsley, has been targeted. The latest attack happened in the early hours of the morning while the occupants of the building slept.

Det Sgt Ken Proctor of Scarborough and Ryedale CID, said: “This is a very worrying attack on a rural business premises which has also caused alarm in the local community.

“Thankfully, the noise woke the occupants of the building who escaped uninjured.”

The suspects threw six bottles containing a flammable liquid and stuffed with rags at the restaurant at 2.45am in the early hours of yesterday. Two landed inside and caught fire, two were found outside the restaurant but did not ignite and another two were found on the road near the property.

However a spokesman for North Yorkshire Police said there was minimal damage caused to the inside of the restaurant.

The incident follows a similar attack at the restaurant on December 3 last year when a rag and flammable liquid was pushed through the letter box and ignited.

“We are carrying out extensive enquiries to track down the suspects and are appealing to anyone with any information to contact us,” Det Sgt Proctor said.

Contact North Yorkshire Police on 101.