ASBO bans trouble teenager Cory Hackford from Sheffield streets

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A TEENAGER who has made his neighbours lives a misery for several years has been given an Anti-Social Behaviour Order in a bid to tame his wild behaviour.

Cory Hackford, 15, of Stradbroke Road, Sheffield, lives in a council property managed by housing firm Sheffield Homes, with his mother Donna Hackford and four siblings.

A spokesman for the firm said that over the last three years, they boy has targeted his neighbours ausing damage to gardens and shouting, swearing, spitting at them.

District Judge Sheila Driver made the teenager the subject of the ASBO at Sheffield Magistrates Court after hearing evidence from Sheffield Homes staff and police.

The order bans him from swearing or being verbally abusive, entering private gardens or property without the permission of the occupier and being outside in a public place between 8pm and 7am.

Sheffield Council’s housing spokesman Harry Harpham said the order was a “last resort”.