Asda apologises over fine for disabled pensioner

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Asda has apologised after a disabled pensioner was issued with a £70 parking fine for spending 30 minutes too long in-store.

Dawn Goodwin, 49, took her mother Joyce Skater to Asda in West Bridgford, Nottingham, for a treat as the 69-year-old suffers from an enlarged heart and arthritis, meaning she is rarely able to leave her home in the Beechdale area of the city.

The pair parked in the store’s car park at 11.45am and shopped, stopping for a coffee in the supermarket’s cafe, until 3.15pm, exceeding the car park’s maximum three-hour stay. A few days later they received the fine. Mrs Goodwin said: “My mum was like a little kid in a sweet shop and wanted to take her time going around all the departments. We usually take her to a small shop near where she lives.

“She’s not very steady on her feet, so we took our time, but we didn’t think it would be a problem.”

Leeds-based Asda has apologised for any upset caused and said the ticket had been cancelled, adding that it was happy to review customers’ tickets when they have a genuine reason for being in its car parks.