Average speed cameras installed on stretch of A1079

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AVERAGE speed cameras are being installed along a ten-mile stretch of the A1079, despite casualty rates falling sharply.

The first of up to eight cameras will be installed at the Shiptonthorpe roundabout at the beginning of February, with other cameras at new locations between there and the Dunswell roundabout, at a cost of £890,000.

The A1079 is considered one of the most improved in the country, according to the European Road Assessment Programme after a dozen fixed cameras were switched on in 2006. Before then around 23 people were injured in collisions annually compared to around 10 a year now.

East Riding councillor Andy Burton said: “We want to maintain these greatly improved statistics, which is why it is essential that the current outdated cameras are replaced by modern equipment.”

RAC spokesman Pete Williams said average speed cameras were good at making drivers stick to the limit as well as keeping a steady flow of traffic in contrast to fixed cameras, which often created a “stop/start style” of driving.

According to the RAC Report on Motoring 2015 nearly half (46 per cent) of UK drivers admit to breaking the limit on 50mph to 60mph roads.

He said: “Embracing existing technology to bring the existing A1079 wet film cameras up to date is a positive step in the right direction.

“Time will tell just how effective these improvements will be when it comes to aiding road safety between York and Hull.

“Ultimately, if the new installations help to bring down the current average of 10 injury collisions a year, and the severity of casualties, this will be accepted as a positive move.”