Bad behaviour from the young

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From: Mrs Susan M Abbott, Melbourne Road, Wakefield.

JUST recently I have seen anti-social behaviour in the city centre while out with my grandchildren during half-term, bad behaviour and bad language – no police presence in sight to put a stop to it.

I then experienced similar poor behaviour in the cinema one early afternoon from a party of schoolchildren continually going up and down to the foyer and using mobile phones throughout the film.

This was the latest James 
Bond film, not even an educational film. Teacher presence was not really effective and the manager completely unaware or uncaring of problems created.

In marked contrast, we 
have just commemorated another Remembrance Day honouring those brave servicemen and women past 
and present have been injured 
or paid the ultimate 

No recognition for coastal pilots

From: Malcolm Hanson, Bachelor Road, Harrogate.

MUCH has been said and 
written about RAF Bomber Command and RAF Fighter Command but very little is written about the men of 
RAF Coastal Command who guarded the air and seas 
around our coastline. Why have these men had so little recognition ?

Money is
God today

From: Iain Morris, Caroline Street, Saltaire, Bradford.

RHYS Thomas (Yorkshire Post, November 9) asks, “if David Cameron is a man of peace, 
why is he trying to sell arms to 
the Middle East – the most dangerous and volatile region in the world?”

I did read that “power is the sin of middle age”.

Many would not be blamed 
for thinking that money is God today.