Bad Traffic - Simon Lewis

IT'S bad enough being a stranger in a foreign land but for Simon Lewis's Chinese detective being unable to speak the language is the least of his problems.

Jian has left his homeland on a matter of life and death, and the worst of it is, it's his daughter's life hanging in the balance.

With the reluctant assistance of illegal immigrant Ding Ming, Jian is plunged headlong into a murky underworld where the value of human life is measured in dollars.

The true cost of human trafficking is laid bare in Lewis's second novel, Bad Traffic, which is published by Sort of Books.

In this OutLoud interview, Lewis reveals the roots of his story, his passion for travelling and for China and why Jian narrowly avoided being a monk.



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Lewis was born in Wales in 1971 and grew up in Scotland. An arts graduate of Goldsmiths College, London, he became a travel writer for Rough Guides after he fell in love with China while en-route home from India and decided to learn the language. He splits his time between the UK and Asia.

His first book, acclaimed backpacking novel Go, published by Corgi books, has sold more than 40,000 copies worldwide. Lewis is now working on the screenplay and is due to begin work on the revision of the Rough Guide to China.

Bad Traffic, 7.99, is published by Sort of Books, ISBN 978-0-95489-955-4