Badger group puts its art into fundraising after baiting rise

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A BADGER protection group is to hold a fund-raising art auction this weekend after volunteers said they had been forced to spend almost all their cash following an increase in baiting in South Yorkshire.

The South Yorkshire Badger Group said it had seen a big rise in cases of badger baiting, which sees the animals dug out of their underground setts and attacked by dogs.

The auction, which will include paintings, drawings, photographs, ceramics and wood carvings, will take place at The Venue, on Manchester Road, Stocksbridge Sheffield, at 8pm on Saturday.

Badger group spokesman Monica Ward said: “South Yorkshire Badger Group’s funds have been drained following a dramatic increase in baiting and digging of setts over recent months and the Art Auction is one of several events enabling us to continue protecting vulnerable setts this year. 

 “Sett protection is carried out to combat baiting In order to deter baiters, setts are covered with reinforced mesh and other materials, all of which are escalating in price.” 

The auction will be opened by group supporter and local MP Angela Smith. There will be two viewing sessions during the day, the first from noon to 3pm and the second from 7pm before the auction begins.

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