BBC disgraces itself with vilification of Blair

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From: D Birch, Smithy Lane, Cookridge, Leeds.

WITH reference to Nicky Campbell’s The Big Questions on BBC1 on Sunday, January 23, I couldn’t believe that the broadcaster could sanction the first 20 minutes with Tony Blair being virtually tried as a war criminal over the war in Iraq.

It turned my stomach to listen to some of the vile drivel from the panel and the questioners. How they could say such things and how could the BBC be party to broadcasting them?

The BBC certainly didn’t do the country any favours and the damage done to Tony Blair as a worldwide representative of this country is disgraceful – allowing a programme that finished up putting him in the same league as Stalin/Hitler and his mob and Milosevic in Kosovo.

Wars come and go today because right-minded people sanction them. It’s done in the name of peace and democracy and front line politicians carry them out with their country’s armed forces and do what is necessary.

“War crimes” are done by people noted in paragraph three and quite a few dictators in their own countries, who are killing their own populations. It’s time the Chilcott Inquiry was finalised, which in turn will not make any firm decision over the legality of the Iraq War and will certainly not lay the blame on Mr Bush or Mr Blair – unlike the BBC programme-makers, who must have thought it clever to get on the back of yet another visit by Mr Blair to Chilcott.

They are the disgraceful ones and so, too, is the BBC as a whole for allowing it.