Be prepared for the impact of climate change

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From: D Birch, Smithy Lane, Cookridge, Leeds.

WITH climate change affecting the whole world as we have seen this last year, no one knows what can happen within a weekly period.

In the UK over the last few years, a great many of our population are having real problems regularly with flooding, plus sometimes the excessive winter weather of snow and ice closing down vast areas because we don’t have the tools ready to keep the roads clear, or the railways for that matter.

So what we really need is a different infrastructure using those billions of pounds allocated for HS2 that will only benefit the few.

They should be allocated and spent on the people who are now subject to what appears to be constant flooding etc.

Relying on local authorities who do not have the additional money necessary is not on.

They never did have money 
to combat climate change.

What this country needs is 
a full spend and concentration over the next few years to 
help the people mainly 
affected first and control 
of the worst areas.

Governments have to stop playing politics.