Birthday bridge seen in new light thanks to Yorkshire Post photos of yesteryear

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Historic Yorkshire Post photographs have shed new light on an iconic bridge which was opened 80 years ago today.

The images of the Tees Newport Bridge, one of the most important links between Durham and Yorkshire of the 20th century, were uncovered by researchers as part of a heritage project.

More than a dozen Yorkshire Post photographs of the bridge during construction in the 1930s illustrate the landmark’s development from early approach work to the building of its towers.

Tosh Warwick, author of The History of the Tees Newport 
Bridge and Tees Transporter Bridge education, learning and events officer, said: “The Yorkshire Post photographs provide invaluable, new perspectives on the Tees Newport Bridge during its early years including unique shots from the river itself.

“The bridge provided the new major link between Durham and Yorkshire and played an integral role in the expansion of the national motorway network and continues to play an important role in linking the two counties today”.

The Tees Newport crossing was the first vertical lift bridge of its type in Britain and the largest in the world when it was first opened exactly 80 years ago on February 28, 1934.