Blair must take blame, says family of bomber

THE family of one of the July 7 bombers yesterday blamed Prime Minister Tony Blair for the suicide attack on London.

Despite this week's arrests Shehzad Tanweer's family appeared unbowed.

A brick was thrown through the Tanweers' car windscreen overnight. Tanweer's uncle Bashir Ahmed, who lives in Tempest Road a few doors away from one of the five houses raided on Thurs-day, said: "If Tony Blair had not got involved with America this (July 7) would never have happened.

"I came here as a young boy – I've lived here for half a century. We adopted this country and the nationality and the people accepted us and welcomed us and British people are very tolerant and that is why we are in this country. But now this situation has changed because of our involve-ment with America and our policies all over the Middle East.

"British people used to be known as English gentlemen – now they are known as hooligans.

"Once Tony Blair has gone I hope these prob-lems will go away. Shehzad would never have done this if it had not been for Tony Blair's policies in the Middle East."