Blair Save the Children award beggars belief

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From: Dr Glyn Powell, Kellington, Goole.

I VIEW with utter disdain the award given to ex-premier Tony Blair by Save the Children. This view will be shared by thousands if not millions of other people and will do nothing but harm to the charity organisation’s fund raising efforts.

How he could even be considered for such an award beggars belief, given that his authorising military action in Iraq, at the behest of his pal George W Bush, resulted in the ruination of the country and deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, including children.

Also, while premier, the worst Labour leader in history did nothing to alleviate poverty and suffering of children in the UK. Indeed, some of his measures exacerbated it.

It is claimed that Blair ,along with other G8 leaders, saved African children by reducing the crippling debt of African nations. This has yet to be proved, with thousands dying every year in Africa from drought, famine 
and diseases like Aids and 

If Blair had any decency and integrity, he would hand back the award and do a great service to Save the Children.

Ed Miliband must not pursue Blairite policies as what the UK and its impoverished majority need are Socialist, not quasi-Tory, policies.