Bradford police respond to ‘do your job’ comments over Back to the Future Facebook post

The post was liked more than 40,000 times and shared more than 24,000 times
The post was liked more than 40,000 times and shared more than 24,000 times
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POLICE in Bradford have sparked an online debate about their use of time with a light-hearted Facebook post marking ‘Back to the Future Day’.

Officers from the neighbourhood policing team (NPT) for the west part of the city joked on the social networking site that they were investigating a car being driven at 88mph by a “wild haired man”.

The comment was a reference to the famous time-travelling Delorean car driven by Dr Emmett Brown in the film Back to the Future II.

In the 1989 movie October 21, 2015, is the date that he and Marty McFly, played by Michael J Fox, travel to.

The NPT’s post said: “At 0728hrs this morning a silver vehicle was seen being driven at speed before disappearing in a flash.

“Witnesses described the vehicle as travelling at 88mph.

“A wild haired man and a 17 year old youth were heard discussing a ‘flux capacitor’ prior to getting in the vehicle. The Bradford West NPT hoverboard team have been sent out to investigate.”

The post was ‘liked’ more than 40,000 times and shared over 24,000 times, but some people questioned whether it was a good use of police time.

David Faulkner wrote: “Get off Facebook and do your job.”

Ian Ward added: “Wonder how much of tax payers money that cost for someone to come up with this and put on here?”

However, Sgt Alex Artis, the author of the original post replied to say that he was on a day off.

He said: “Folks many thanks for all the likes, shares and comments. For those who have said ‘get off Facebook and do your job’ social media is an important tool that we use to engage with our communities and most people appreciate that. I am actually on a day off today and this was done as a bit of lighthearted fun to raise a smile.”

Several people wrote comments defending the police.

Claire Taylor said: “People saying get off Facebook and do your job need to lighten up, it’s only a bit of banter.”

Carlton Lovett added: “Great stuff ...officers and the public need a bit of humour now and again brightens the day . For those who want to complain about it ...get a grip and have a word with yourself.” !