Brave double-amputee thrilled to be signed up as a model

Double amputee Lizzy Holmes. Picture:Thomas Moran Photography
Double amputee Lizzy Holmes. Picture:Thomas Moran Photography
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A YOUNG amputee who was forced by a lifelong condition to have both her legs removed has become a model.

Lizzy Holmes, 24, who was born with deformed feet has suffered a lifetime of chronic pain and endured 36 operations, the first when she was just 10 weeks old.

Her first leg was amputated below the knee the day after her wedding to soldier Lewis Georgeson, 21.

Now her other leg has been amputated – but that hasn’t stopped her launching a modelling career.

“I feel amazing, relieved and free,” she told The Yorkshire Post.

“I have wanted to remove them for a long time as I know life will be much easier for me with prosthetic legs.”

The pain of her condition has meant Mrs Holmes, from Oakwood, needed regular morphine doses.

“I may never be completely pain free, as the way I’ve walked has affected my spine, but I already feel much better,” she said.

“While I am fit and young I can adapt to my new life. I don’t let my disability stop me from doing anything.

“I love to swim and I am looking forward to hopefully raising some money myself, so I can buy some special wet legs, to swim properly.”

She was signed up by a modelling agency after they saw just one picture of her and Mrs Holmes is their only double amputee model.

She already has a photoshoot booked.

“I can’t wait to do some modelling, it will be brilliant,” she said. “I am not embarrassed about my legs.”

She has had “great” support from family and friends, including husband Lewis who is “luckily strong enough to carry me when I need it”.

She trained as a nurse for two years but had to quit due to the heavy lifting required for some parts of the work.

As well as her new modelling career, she is now studying with the Open University to become a primary school teacher.