British Gas apologises for bill blunder

gas, fuel, energy
gas, fuel, energy
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BRITISH Gas has apologised to a Yorkshire woman for bombarding her with more than 100 calls over a bill from her late mother’s house.

Retired administrator Maureen Booth was left distressed and angry as the account should have been settled following the death of her mother Eva in April last year.

The demands for payment of £104 kept coming even after she had contacted the firm and the utilities ombudsman.

The final straw came last week when Mrs Booth, of Wrose in Bradford, received a letter from a debt collection agency.

“It’s absolutely disgusting that a company as large as British Gas can do this,” she said.

Mrs Booth said the phone calls requesting payment felt like “bullying” and were made as late as 8pm.

She contacted The Yorkshire Post and has now received an apology and will receive an unspecified sum in compensation.

However, she is considering taking legal action for the distress caused.

A spokeswoman for British Gas said final meter readings had been taken at the property but the account had been left open.

The company has admitted that a disconnection request had not been acted upon.

It would ensure a correct meter reading would be taken “to reflect the zero usage.”

Leigh Franks, a spokeswoman for British Gas, said: “I am very sorry for any distress and concern that Mrs Booth has experienced. We should have acted as soon as Mrs Booth contacted us. We are speaking to Mrs Booth to apologise and we will put matters right as a matter of urgency.”