Broadband breakthrough to be marked in Upper Dales

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A MILESTONE in superfast communications technology will be celebrated in style in the Upper Dales this month.

Superfast broadband will be launched in Hawes –– the capital of Upper Wensleydale and one of the most remote towns in all England – on Thursday, October 16.

The service launch – eagerly awaited by local residents, local businesses and the thousands of visitors to the town – will mark the arrival of superfast fibre broadband to homes and work premises, their first access to the high-speed technology.

Leader of Richmondshire District Council, Councillor John Blackie, who has several businesses in the town and lives in nearby Hardraw, which is also being enabled by Superfast North Yorkshire – said: “The arrival of superfast broadband will be a transformational game-changer for the remoter communities we have here in the Upper Dales, as it will level the playing field for our deeply rural communities, and allow us to compete with the more populated areas of the country – the towns and the cities.

“I am sure its availability will play a key role in arresting the outflow of young people that has become a very worrying trend recently – they understandably are voting with their feet to chase higher quality career and educational opportunities beyond the Upper Dales, the very sort that use superfast broadband as their stock-in-trade. Now they can stay here amidst our stunning scenery and we can compete for their presence on an equal footing.”

BT’s mobile showcase vehicle will be outside the Bay Tree Café and Bistro in the Market Place in Hawes from 9.30am to 2pm on Thursday, October 16, with a team to answer questions as well as demonstrating how the fibre broadband technology works.

Chloe Lewis, Richmondshire District Council’s lead on superfast broadband, said: “All credit to Superfast North Yorkshire as they have gone the extra mile – well 17 miles in fact – to bring the fibre cable to the town. This is the longest individual spur of fibre cabling in the county.”