Business diary: Helping singers strike right note

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A marketing firm has been given a unique opportunity to promote the world-renowned Huddersfield Choral Society.

Birstall-based Fantastic Media has been tasked with reviewing the society’s brand and its marketing strategy.

One of the leading choirs in the country, Huddersfield Choral Society is recognised for its performing excellence and breathtaking sound. It has performed with world-renowned orchestras, soloists and conductors.

For local boy and choral music fan, Andrew Hobson, managing director of Fantastic Media, this particular client win is special.

He said: “It’s an exciting opportunity for us to work with such an established and well-known choir such as the Huddersfield Choral Society, and as a fellow resident of the town and fan of classical and choral music, I feel a personal connection and hunger for assisting in the success of the choral society of the future. We look forward to a long and happy partnership.”

Starting in January 2015, Fantastic Media will also join other businesses such as Chadwick Lawrence Solicitors and Syngenta, as one of the Society’s Business Partners, supporting the Society and its concerts as well as enjoying the commercial benefits of an association with one of the UK’s leading choral societies.

Robert Drummond, Huddersfield Choral Society Publicity Officer, said: “2015 is going to be an incredibly exciting year for the society and we look forward to sharing this success with the town and our supporters.”

Making waves
without water

Leeds University spin-off Xeros could become a national treasure if it succeeds with plans to launch a new “man-proof” washing machine.

Yes girls we all know that frustration when you find one of his new black socks has snuck into your white wash and now all your snowy white garments are a nasty shade of grey.

The science bods at Rotherham-based Xeros have come up with a new washing machine that uses polymer beads to clean the clothes.

These clever beads suck up the dirt and dyes and leave the clothes as clean as when you bought them.

Its latest invention is a new generation of super beads that actually allow you to wash dark clothes with light ones so even the man in your life can’t muck up the weekly wash.

After seeing success with its commercial machines, Xeros is now working on a domestic washing machine that only has six cycles and a special “man” button so even the less fair sex can use it.

As Xeros chief executive Bill Westwater admits: “Even blokes are not going to mess up the washing.”

Revolution indeed!

Firm foundation
for school day

AT a time when the Archbishop of Canterbury is calling for a blueprint to eliminate hunger in Britain, Diary was heartened to hear that many Yorkshire firms are doing their bit to ensure children get a healthy start to their school day.

A series of breakfast clubs have been organised by the Town Foundation, which was created by Huddersfield Town chairman Dean Hoyle.

Mandy Taylor, a spokesman for the Foundation, told Diary: “Today, 16 breakfast clubs are thriving, serving on average a total of 1,000 children per day. Breakfast club kids range in age from three to 16 and all enjoy a healthy, tasty free breakfast every school day. Breakfast Clubs aid concentration, learning, behaviour and social skills.

“Numerous volunteers from the business community now engage and volunteer at one of our breakfast clubs, feeding up to 120 children per day. It costs on average, as little as 50 pence to feed a child a day.”

The foundation’s patrons include cycling star Ed Clancy and Yorkshire County Cricket club captain Andrew Gale. Diary believes all the corporate supporters represent the very best of Yorkshire business.