Call to tackle pension ‘lock-out’ crisis

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The Government was urged to tackle the “real pension crisis” after a leading trade union revealed an “alarming” lack of provision for workers in private firms.

Unison said a “shocking” two thirds of private sector employees – around 15 million workers – were not in a workplace pension to which their employer contributed.

The union warned this could mean they will be forced to rely on benefit top-ups paid for by the taxpayer when they retired.

Unison said that every worker locked out of saving for their retirement costs the taxpayer £15,000 – meaning a potential extra benefit bill running into hundreds of billions of pounds.

General secretary Dave Prentis said: “It is shocking that two thirds of private-sector workers are not in a workplace pension to which their employer contributes.

“These companies are shirking their responsibilities to their workers, pushing the burden on to the taxpayer.”

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