Readers join us to Pick Up A Piece

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PEOPLE across the region responded to our call for action to pick up just one piece of litter - and end our month-long Clean Up Yorkshire campaign on a high note.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) estimated that if everyone who were able to picked up a single piece of litter from Yorkshire’s streets, then 2.5m pieces could be collected in a day.

As the culmination of our month of litter picks, we encouraged everyone to do just that, and join us for Pick Up A Piece Day.

Some went even further, including Jon Law from Doncaster, who tweeted to say he’d collected five carrier bags full of rubbish while walking his dog at Town Field yesterday.

He said: “There are plenty of dog walkers around - maybe we should encourage them to carry a litter-picker as well as a poop-scoop?”

Over the last month, litter picks have been held from Barnsley to Bridlington in an attempt to Clean Up Yorkshire, after we revealed how keeping our streets clean was costing councils £77m a year. Now we want to hear about your efforts. Let us know how many bags you or your group collected this month by emailing Please include a contact telephone number.