Challenge ahead to fund footbridge building

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From: Peter Young, Secretary, Burley Bridge Association, Cambridge Drive, Otley.

The Burley Bridge Association (BBA) is pleased to report that othe Shipley and Keighley area planning committee of Bradford Council has approved the application for a footbridge across the River Wharfe at Burley-in-Wharfedale. Last December councillors at Harrogate Council approved the same planning application from the BBA.

The Association is happy that the need for a footbridge at Burley has been recognised. The so-called stepping stones at the site are the public right-of-way, but are frequently under water and dangerous for most people to use. In the view of many people they have long been an unsatisfactory method of crossing a wide and fast-flowing river.

There are several conditions attached to the planning decision which the BBA must adhere to, including the long term maintenance of the bridge. The Association is now looking to raise sufficient money to bring a bridge to fruition. Since the campaign began in 1996, it has raised funds from its supporters to pay the for the costs of the work, including the plans from the bridge engineers. Members now feel that raising enough money to build the bridge 
itself will be a welcome challenge, and hopefully a successful one.