Champion for travel needed

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From: Sam Flint, Wellesley Avenue, Hull.

THANK you for pointing out the obvious in your Editorial (Yorkshire Post, December 21) – rail and bus operators should put the passenger first. But why is nobody acting as a consumer champion? Anyone fancy a job?

From: Sam Buick, Otley.

LIKE you (Yorkshire Post, December 21), I’m bemused by the electronic signs on the roads to Leeds – I’m amazed that the city council agreed to finance these because they never say anything useful.

Furthermore, I’m surprised that it did not read “Use public transport this Christmas. (No services at Christmas)”.

No one mourns for Nielson

From: Mrs A Smith, Stradbroke Road, Sheffield.

NOT one person will mourn serial killer Donald Nielson, the Black Panther, who died this week (Yorkshire Post, December 20).

Deemed too dangerous to ever be let free, this case shows why life must always mean life when such sentences are passed by the courts. It’s the only way to restore confidence to the justice system.

My choice...

From: Kenneth Radcliffe, The Knowle, Shepley, Huddersfield.

SO Deputy Prime Minister Clegg wants to reform the House of Lords. He thinks it is undemocratic to be ruled by non-elected peers.

What about the non-elected Euro zealots in Brussels who he so avidly supports, and who now govern us? Given the choice of old buffers in Westminster or Euro cranks in Brussels, I know who I would choose.

May and might

From: E Suddards, Hunterscombe Court, Eldwick, Bingley.

I WONDER whether G Marsden’s teacher also taught him when the words “may” and “might” should be used (Yorkshire Post, December 20). The fact that we were told that his teacher “may have written it” suggests he is still alive, which sadly seems not to be the case.