Chancellor ‘blocking green policies’

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George Osborne and other Tory Cabinet ministers are blocking the pro-environment policies David Cameron advocated before the election, a charity has claimed.

The Chancellor is a “major source of the problem” and is taking an anti-business stance on renewable energy which could harm the party at the 2015 election, campaigners for the WWF alleged. The comments came as the wildlife and environment charity presented a giant Christmas card to Number 10 calling for the Prime Minister to tackle climate change and support renewable energy.

The card, signed by more than 40,000 supporters, 25 charities and non-governmental organisations, features the photograph of Mr Cameron “hugging a husky” taken during a trip to the Arctic with WWF in 2006.

Dr Keith Allott, head of climate change at WWF-UK, said: “It is very clear that some of the problems do stem from George Osborne who just clearly believes that this country should embrace a dash for gas as the heart of our energy future, despite the fact that in doing so that would undermine our legally-binding climate change targets.”