Checking out the service at Morrisons

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From: Pamela Thomas, Leeds.

Hurray! At last someone has spoken up about lack of interest in the customers by staff at the Morrisons stores (Tom Richmond, The Yorkshire Post, March 8).

I go to the one in Guiseley every week. Yes, I am fed up with the young lads and their talk about football etc. all gathered round in groups when the shelves need stacking. Fed up with the lack of the shelves being empty and racks being stuck in the middle of the aisles.

The quality of the vegetables is sometimes shocking. My old Dad would have said: “We would not have fed them to the pigs.”

A fortnight ago, I asked at the checkout why all the young men seemed so miserable, having stopped to allow a chap with a rack to pass me by. I got quite a look as though I should not have been there at all.

I hope someone at Morrisons does read Tom’s comments and acts upon them.

Thank for voicing your opinion.

From: H.Marjorie Gill, Clarence Drive, Menston.

TOM Richmond shocked me with his experience of shopping at Morrisons in Leeds. I regularly shop at the Guiseley branch, and can honestly tell anyone that it is a most 
stimulating and interesting experience.

Peter the Butchery manager will stop cutting joints and take me to special biscuits perhaps.

They are so friendly, knowledgeable and helpful it is a pleasure to shop there.

From: Frank Dixon, Leeds.

I REGULARLY shop at three Morrisons supermarkets and have no reason to complain about customer service. On Saturday, I purchased petrol from Elland Morrisons and the young man who served me could not have more helpful and courteous.

Crimea crisis not a new war

From: Don Burslam, Elm Road, Dewsbury Moor, Dewsbury.

ROBERT Reynolds evokes the spectre of Munich (The Yorkshire Post, March 5) to advocate taking a firm line with Russia.

This is not the first time this comparison has been made but of course the situation is not analogous. To elevate Putin to the level of a Hitler is absurd and in my opinion the present crisis is of a lesser order.

The media have done their best to raise the temperature with their doom-laden reports but, deplorable though their actions may have been, the Russians do have vital interests in the Crimea which contains their only warm water port.

Whatever the scaremongering about a new Cold War, the situation is unlikely to turn into a full-scale conflict and the Ukrainians may have to learn to live with it.

Our government by now have digested the lesson of Syria and accepted that this country is sick of our getting involved in any more of these global adventures.

Our Army is going down to 80,000 and we have enough problems of our own for heaven’s sake.

From: Charles Rushton, Pasture Close, Strensall, York.

YOUR correspondent R Cartlidge (The Yorkshire Post, March 8) seems to be unaware of the events of September 1939. I was always under the impression that good old Stalin rolled into Eastern Poland while Hitler was attacking in the West.

Irrespective of his reasons, Stalin was certainly invading a neighbour’s territory and any fabricated reasons exactly that, fabrications.

One could indeed question the rapes of Hungary and Czechoslovakia were hardly friendly acts.

I realise of course that Marxist doctrine bears little resemblance to actual history, but no way could Soviet Russia be described as an Angel of Peace!

From: Brian Fleming, Rothbury Gardens, Adel, Leeds.

I HAD to smile when I listened to David Cameron criticise President Putin for having the temerity to invade a sovereign country.

Might I ask the question why did we then invade Iraq, which was then a sovereign country? We invaded on the most dubious of pretexts, looking for weapons of mass destruction which were never found. This cost us millions in blood and treasure.

Wildlife walk for all ages

From: Arthur Boynton, St Wilfrids Court, Brayton, Selby.

I WOULD like to recommend a walk that is not very taxing for oldies like myself (80) It is along the River Wharfe from Burnsall to the village of Grassington.

There is a car park at Burnsall where you can leave your car and go down to the river by Barden Tower. Once you get down to the river, it is a nice level walk to Lynton Falls.

There is an abundance of wildlife with beautifully colourful kingfishers darting about. It is only a short walk from Lynton to Grassington where there are numerous eating places. My wife and I then retraced our steps back to our car but I understand that buses run back to Burnsall.

From: Barry Crowther, Lower Edge Road, Elland.

WHAT a beautiful picture of the little girl surrounded by crocus flowers (The Yorkshire Post, March 3). You will be thankful though to the lady from Ripon (The Yorkshire Post, March 7)) for pointing out your faux pas over the start of Spring.