Chief out of his mind on drugs

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From: David W Wright, Uppleby, Easingwold, North Yorkshire.

WE are already accustomed to reading and hearing about our politicians and their hare-brained views but now we witness the crazy ideas of the Chief Constable of Durham who advocates the decriminalisation of Class A 
drugs (Yorkshire Post, September 30).

Is it any wonder therefore that criminals from other countries find their way to Britain where our sentencing system is already meaningless, abused and dumbed down?

However, when some politicians such as Godfrey Bloom make controversial comments, they are immediately castigated by the media and subject to overreaction, when the media should be concentrating on the more outlandish statements being made by Red Ed Miliband, Ed Balls, Nick Clegg and David Cameron – and now the Chief Constable, Mike Barton.

Merkel minding her languages

From: Brian H Sheridan, Redmires Road, Sheffield.

I AGREE almost entirely with David Quarrie’ s positive remarks about German Chancellor Angela Merkel (“Merkel model of a leader”, Yorkshire Post, October 1). Nor have I any evidence that she does not speak “several languages fluently”.

However, if she is indeed an accomplished linguist she is making a very good job of hiding it. I have never heard her speak in public in any language other than her native German. Moreover, is she not noted for her obduracy in this respect?

Where are the EU’s auditors?

From: Keith Dodworth, Benningholme Lane, Skirlaugh, East Yorkshire.

ONE important fact was missing from Grant Woodward’s column (Yorkshire Post, September 27) on the arrogance of the EU and its wastefulness.

The EU’s accounts have never ever been signed off by its auditors – yet the EU persists in telling countries how to run their financial affairs.