Children to be introduced to more eco-friendly ways

A DRIVE to teach children and young people how to live greener and more eco-friendly lives is to be launched in schools across Leeds.

The Leeds Sustainable Schools Framework, which aims to educate pupils about protecting the environment and how they can make a difference is designed to support schools and give children and young people the knowledge to live more sustainable lives.

Education Leeds and Leeds City Council have set a target for all schools in the city to be recognised as sustainable by 2020.

Today the head teacher at Weetwood Primary School, Tarsem Wyatt, will be joined by Coun Judith Blake, the executive board member for children's services and learning at Leeds City Council, and Dr Ian Cameron, director of public health at NHS Leeds, to highlight the importance of sustainability work in schools and to show their support for the programme.

Members of staff from three local schools, which were part of a 30-school pilot project in 2009, will also be on hand with the three to explain the support they can offer schools and pupils and students will describe a number of initiatives in which they have been involved.

Coun Blake said last night: "It is fantastic that as part of this scheme children and young people will have the opportunity to learn more about how to grow your own and live a healthier, more eco-friendly life.

"We have set a target for every school in Leeds to be recognised as sustainable by 2020 and this new initiative is an important first step in the process.

"Our schools will play an significant role in reducing the city's carbon dioxide emissions, and it is key that we involve the children and young people in this process so they understand the need for saving energy and what it really means to be sustainable.

"It is great news that the pilot scheme has worked so well, and we are now able to roll this out across further schools," Coun Blake added.

Nigel Richardson, director of children's services, said: "The roll out of the sustainable schools framework will ensure our schools are leading the way in adopting a green stance and that our children and young people will learn about the impact their lives can have on the world around them."