Christianity has much to teach us about present turmoil

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From: JW Slack, Swinston Hill Road, Dinnington, Sheffield.

BARONESS Warsi’s call for a greater role for religion in public life (Yorkshire Post, February 15), plus the Queen’s assertion that within our constitution the Church of England should be responsible for ensuring that everyone should be protected in freedom of worship in whichever religion they choose, is interesting to say the least.

Having deep Methodist roots and having conducted many school/Sunday school assemblies over a 40-year period, I have failed to find any references to the political views of Christ – and remember he did not have the Muslims to deal with.

The world is at present in turmoil because long-standing wealthy ruling classes which involve governments, religious leaders, lawyers, landowners (ie the perceived rich) have failed to deliver respect and a fair share of wealth to both sexes and in many cases show considerable abuse of human dignity.

The Church should distance itself from these policies and present a face of Christianity more in touch with human concerns and tone down the projected glory of war and victory and emphasise its futility. Christ did not ride into Jerusalem on a war horse but on a white ass – a token of peace.

In the present economic climate many adults will remember certain extracts from morning assemblies from the Book of Common Prayer. To highly paid sports people – “Love the game more than the prize” – lose without sulking and be generous to those who have lost! To the overpaid media “stars”, it is not what you own or how you appear – it is the type of person you are and the example of good honest living you set. To those with high talents and gifts who have so much to offer – “give and not count the cost” and “labour and seek no reward save that of knowing that we do thy will”.

If Christianity is to succeed the teachings have to be lived – we need more service and less corruption and exploitation.

Councils have sold vast tracts of farmland they own to develop rather than keep youngsters in farming. How irresponsible. Christian principles will led to true democracy.

From: Sam Flint, Harrogate.

INSTEAD of being pre-occupied by religion, when is Baroness Warsi and her party going to turn their attention to the level of unemployment in Yorkshire – and how they are, once again, betraying this region?

Talked about skewed priorities.

From: Iain Morris, Caroline Street, Saltaire, Bradford.

WE live in a country today where it takes a Muslim lady, Sayeeda Warsi, to stick up for the Christian religion.

I feel very grateful and indebted to her.