Christianity must fight back

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From: William Snowden, Butterbowl Gardens, Farnley, Leeds.

AT last year’s Ilkley Literature Festival, Melvyn Bragg denounced those who “scoffed at history” and deplored the way in which “Christianity is being air brushed out of history”.

In our post-lecture discussion, we concurred that this was consequential to the advent of political correctness; furthermore, that it was imperative for history to be judged in context, rather than seeking superficially to superimpose modish values on the events of the past.

Ignorance of history is all-pervasive. Christianity emerged from its dark ages to evolve into a beneficence force for good. But atheist fundamentalists seek to deride, obscure and circumvent the Christian faith.

Shall the meek inherit the earth? Perhaps. But aggressive secularism should be contested by muscular Christianity.

Thanks due to true horseman

From: Carol Cook, Station Road, Robin Hood’s Bay.

AS the proprietor of Moorview House, a residential home for adults with learning difficulties, I was very kindly invited by Robert Pearson to Thornfields Farm, Robin Hood’s Bay, along with several of our residents, to meet his seven beautiful shire horses.

Immediately I could see what pride Robert takes in them and how dedicated he is to their wellbeing. We all had a very enjoyable afternoon helping with the feeds and grooming. I would like to pass on our thanks to a truly devoted horse man.

Money matters

From: R D Leakie, Giggleswick.

WE need to understand what depends upon money and what does not. When shopping, people face a conflict between the cheapness of goods and their need, and buy accordingly. Just as all games have their rules, so even more so, does money.