Clearly British campaign: Sign our petition here and have your say on clear dairy labels

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  • Battle begins for better dairy labels to help our farmers Public backs clearer labels but EU politicians are not convinced Specialist work underway on dairy futures market
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YORKSHIRE POST readers are getting behind our petition which calls for retailers, food processors and the wider food industry to clearly label dairy products with where their milk is from.

Our Clearly British campaign calls for urgent action to make it easier for shoppers to identify how they can support struggling British dairy farmers. We also want the European Commission to rethink its block on mandatory country of origin labelling on dairy products.

We want retailers, processors, caterers, restaurants, hotels and cafes to be make it clear where the milk used in their dairy products is from and to only use the Union flag or a UK logo if the milk is made on British farms.

Months of falling milk prices, largely caused by shrinking international demand for dairy, is driving farmers to the brink.

Readers who have signed our petition so far include Claire Robinson of Shelley near Holmfirth, who posted: “I was brought up on a dairy farm but sadly my family are one of the many who had to leave the dairy industry.”

John Rhodes, from Bradford, wrote: “I want to know that when I buy food, it is clearly labelled to let me know that it has been totally sourced in Britain. I want to support our own British farmers and suppliers.”

Amanda Brown, of Dacre Banks, Harrogate, added: “I’m signing because it is only when UK consumers can quickly and clearly understand the origin of dairy products that our farmers will benefit.”

While Connie Jackson, of Sheffield, posted: “I’m signing because I care passionately about supporting British farmers in their essential work producing food of high quality while maintaining high welfare standards and productive countryside.”

And David Mabbott, of Rotherham, added: “I fully support any assistance that can be given (and should be given) to British farmers.”

To sign the Clearly British petition, click here.