Clegg 'has no memory' of joining Tory club

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has insisted he cannot remember whether he joined a student Conservative association while at university.

Cambridge University Conservative Association has offered him life membership after finding his name on a roll of memb-ers in 1986-87, when he was studying archaeology and an-thropology at Robinson College.

They say he must have been the person who paid up for a year's subscription as there was only one "N Clegg" at Robinson at the time.

Mr Clegg said yesterday he would need "a photographic memory" to recall what societies he signed up to as a student, but insisted he did not remember CUCA being one of them.

In an interview with London radio station LBC 97.3FM, he said: "I have absolutely no recollection of that whatsoever. I certainly never, ever joined the Conservative Party.

"I joined a whole range of associations, like any other student when you first go to university... If I could remember exactly why I appeared on some obscure student membership list for nine months 20 years after the event, you have to admit that would be a feat of extraordinary photographic memory which I just don't possess."

Mr Clegg's claim in a recent magazine interview to have slept with "no more than 30" women was raised by interviewer Nick Ferrari. Pressed on how his ad-mission had gone down with his wife, he said only: "That's a private matter for Miriam and me."