Cliffside cameras provide chance to watch birdies

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Perched precariously over the crashing sea below, climbers have installed CCTV cameras on the cliffs at Bempton to spy on the teeming wildlife.

One camera homes in on Staple Newk, home to many of the reserve’s famous gannets.

A second camera – a new addition to the reserve – was set up in between the Bartlett Nab and Jubilee viewpoints, which overlook the guillemots, razorbills, kittiwakes and puffins that nest at the RSPB reserve between Bridlington and Filey.

Assistant warden David Aitken said: “Last year the incredible, close-up shots, capturing tiny, intimate – and sometimes ferocious – moments in the lives of the gannets on Staple Newk, thrilled visitors on a daily basis.

“This year, the new camera will bring us double the delight, as we’ll be able to watch the antics of seabirds on other parts of the cliffs.”

The cameras, magnify images up to 60 times, picking up minute details of individual feathers and can zoom right into the incredible blue of a gannet’s eye.

Visitors can see the birds’ lives unfold on screens at the RSPB Cliffcentre daily from 9.30am to 5pm.