Commission proposes care costs cap

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At present, people with £23,250 or more in assets – including their home – are not entitled to state support for either residential care or help in their own house. .

Those with assets worth less than this will receive care from the local authority through a means-tested system, which takes into account both their needs and income.

According to the Dilnot report, a quarter of 65-year-olds today can expect to pay more than £50,00 for social care, while for one in 10 people, care costs will reach more than £100,000.

But if the recommendations of the Dilnot Commission are put in place, those with assets of less than £100,000 will not pay fees at all. In addition, those liable to pay will have costs capped at £35,000, which includes both residential care and support in family homes.

Under the new proposals, Mr Dilnot has said no one would lose more than 30 per cent of their assets.

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