Company with plenty of talent

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From: Jean Foster, Guisecliffe View, Glasshouses, Harrogate.

THE letter from Mr Jim Holroyd (Yorkshire Post, May 9) brought back many memories of the happy days when I worked in the office at the Pontefract branch of Wilkinsons Bradford Ltd.

We had our own “concert party” in which anyone with any singing, dancing or other talents, could join and went to other venues to entertain people.

When the war was declared over, the whole factory ceased to work for that day!

What rejoicing there was! They were a good firm to work for in many ways.

Thin pickings from pensions

From: Ken Holmes, Cliffe Common, Selby, York.

I JUST wondered that if on the basis of we golden oldies living a few years longer, the Government’s decision to give us a paltry state pension was to make sure that we didn’t suffer from obesity and become an added drain on the NHS?

Looking around me, I will gamble all England to a hay seed that there are more obese politicians than there are OAPs, or to be politically correct, senior citizens.

Supermoon shines on us

From: Margaret Marsh, Water Hall Lane, Penistone, Sheffield.

WITH reference to the article about the “supermoon” (Yorkshire Post, May 7), do we have to travel abroad at three or four in the morning when – as I drew my extraordinarily brightly-lit curtains in the middle of the night – there the moon shone, that very same moon in all its glory and casting a wonderful reflection upon the dear old River Don in Yorkshire at the bottom of my garden?